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Design Your Life The Way You Want

How Ready Are You To Redesign Your Life? We all have our ideas of what’s most important to us and yet many of us are big procrastinators.  We think and talk about what we want and one day we plan on having it or doing it. So what is it that keeps getting in the […]

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life after 50

Live Smart After 50

Live your best life now It’s time to stop living as if you have all the time in the world because time runs out fast. Before you know it you’re getting old. Often you’re so busy living a pretty mundane life then you suddenly realize you’re 50, 60 and soon to be 70. And you’ll […]

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Forget About New Year Resolutions 2019

Will you step into the new year with caution? A year flies by so incredibly fast. When you’ve been around as long as I have you probably already know that making a long list of resolutions for the coming year can set you up for failure, and usually leads to disappointment…mainly in yourself. You may […]

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Design a healthy lifestyle

You Can Re-Design Your Life At 50 Or Any Age

You can re-design your life and make positive change It doesn’t matter what age you are there’s usually room to make some positive changes in your life. Whether it’s physical, emotional or mental.  Whether it’s in the area of health and fitness, socially, relationships, mental focus, or financially, maybe by learning better ways to manage […]

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If Money Was No Object How Would Your Life Be?

 If Money Was No Object How Would Your Life Be? This question really does bare some thinking about because it’s not one we would normally consider. How different would your life be now if back when you were younger still with most of your life before you, that money was no object when you were […]

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Making These Mistakes Can Cost You Big Time!

Making These Mistakes Can Cost You Big Time! We all make mistakes and most of them we tend to learn from.  However, as you get older there are certain mistakes that you do not want to make because they can be very costly and I’m not talking about money I’m talking about something more important […]

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Bored With Life – Then It’s Time To Change Your Life

Your life is boring, it sucks, you’re in a rut and need to make some changes but what to do that is the question.  Most of us get to this realization at some point in our lives.   For most of us it’s as we’ve gotten older, often once we are  over 50  and life is […]

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How To Change Your Life At Any Age

There are the many different phases of our life that we have gone through, times that we don’t usually even think too much about until we get older. We flow from one period to another, most of the time the changes happening whether we are ready for it or not. The initial stages of a […]

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Top 10 Tips to a Bright New Year

The New Year is about new goals and resolution but if you’re like me I like to ease myself gently into the New Year.  Gone are the days when I make a New Year’s resolution and jump into action on New Year’s Day ready to roll and within a couple of days give up!  These […]

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Over 50 and Want to Change Your Life

Many of us have had times that we would love to have changed our life in one way or another but most of us over 50s got onto life’s roller coaster many years ago and have kept going.  That is until something happens that we are forced to stop and re-evaluate our life and make […]

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