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Enjoying your life at any age is the goal but turning 50 years old is a real milestone, especially when you consider it’s a half a century. Some people choose to celebrate their 50th birthday with a big birthday bash or some other special event to remember.  Others find it all a bit depressing and would rather put their head under the covers and forget the whole thing. Then there are those that take a milestone like this as an opportunity to make a few changes or even to redesign their life.

Many dwell on the fact that they really are aging and start to get more concerned about the future, including if and when they will be able to retire.  Also what their financial situation will allow in the coming years. There’s often a growing concern about health and fitness too.  It’s a fact looking and feeling older, aging skin and other normal changes that come with the passing years is to be expected. Whatever your feelings are about aging you can’t stop time, but you can choose what you want to do with it.  You can take more control over how you’ll live, whether it’s in your 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond you can help yourself age smarter and healthier, after all it’s your choice to make so choose wisely.

A new chapter in your life

Just because you’ve become one of the many men or women over 50 it’s not the end of the world, and it’s certainly not the end of your life. It’s just a new chapter for you. it’s an opportunity of new beginnings. Just as before you are still the main character in this next life phase too, Hopefully you’ve become wiser and smarter, and now you get to choose how you want this new phase to be.  Will it be dull and boring or will you make it be fun, interesting and exciting?

It’s not surprising if a milestone birthday or event stirs up some emotions and has you reflecting more on your past and wondering about the future.  Many start to consider what they have accomplished so far in life, what have been their biggest disappointments and or  regrets.  While you reflect on what’s already past, don’t stay and dwell there too long because now it’s time to contemplate your future and make a conscious decision what you want your life over 50 to be like.  What actions are you going to start taking to make what you want in the next phase of your life a reality? Are you content with your life as it is or are you going redesign your life a bit or a lot?

It’s true-Life is full of ups and downs

maintain a healthy lifestyleWe are always going to have ups and downs in life no matter what age we are.  As we do get into our 50s to 60’s life can often bring bring different types of challenges ones most don’t have to contend with when they are younger.  It’s common to, as we say  50 start feeling our age.  Some things become more challenging for us, we notice joints start to wear out and often have a few more health challenges, Besides these changes in ourselves we become more aware of challenges for family and friends too.  By this time our parents are elderly and may need more assistance. You are often faced with situations that you haven’t had to deal with before, like your kids leaving home, coming to terms with an empty nest, your kids getting married and possibly becoming a grandparent yourself.

What type of retirement do you want?

If you haven’t given it serious thought before once you hit 50 you’ll be thinking more about your retirement years and if you will manage financially. This has become more of a concern with the global economy being as it is, job security seems a thing of the past and with pensions threatened, and many investments greatly devalued there’s more of an urgency to protect yourself for the future. Whether by choice or circumstance we are seeing work beyond their retirement age. For those that want to continue working I think it’s great! Many love what they do, or may choose to something they do enjoy, some even become entrepreneurs as they get older.  It keeps them connected with the outside world, they usually feel more fulfilled and they’re making a little money too. However, it’s not uncommon and sad to see other senior citizens that are not in good health, and probably the last thing they want to be doing is to be working, but unfortunately they have no other choice.

Be careful with your money and have something set aside for that rainy day. Even if things are not what you planned when it comes to your retirement, as disappointing as it is, it’s still important to do what you can with what you have, while you are able. Don’t leave the things you want to do until it’s too late.

Adjusting to physical changes as you age

There are a number of physical changes that become more apparent too. For most past 50 and even younger the fight against the ravages of age is on.  Many begin the search for anti aging products and ideas to help maintain their youth for as long as they can. You notice more lines and wrinkles on your face, your hair may be thinning and for many men their hair has gone altogether. Even those blessed with great eyesight start to notice they are struggling to read the small print now and have to surrender to reading glasses. Often your eye site just isn’t as sharp as it used to be and sometimes this is due to cataracts. The good news is when you get cataract surgery vision can improve dramatically.  Many have hearing issues finding that they need the volume turned up a notch or two higher as they struggle to hear as they once did. Fitness level and weight may become a bit harder to maintain for a lot of people over 50 too. The smart thing is to adjust rather than give up. some of the workouts that you used to do can be switched out for more age and flexibility appropriate options.

Practice preventative health care and fitness

It’s not unusual that when you’re over 50, health related issues such as arthritis, diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure are also more prevalent.  However, it’s important to  keep in mind that many of these challenges can be overcome or managed by making some lifestyle  changes. Attitude has a lot to do with how we cope with changes in our life, including getting older.

A good positive attitude will make life a lot more pleasant for you and everyone else around you. When challenges do arise some people are so overcome by them that they completely give in to them right away, others will handle them by becoming proactive and make every effort  to overcome or improve the situation they find themselves in.  Maintaining physical, mental and emotional health as well as your independence well into old age is clearly what you should be striving for. Learn to handle stress and anxiety proactively with meditation and yoga

Really, it’s not all downhill from here!

Of course there are those that will be convinced that once you are over the 50 mark that it’s all going to be all downhill from now on, that the best of life is over.  But that doesn’t have to be the case, unless that’s the way you want it.  Things may change and there are situations where many of us already have or will have health and other issues that may get worse over time.  However,  having a good attitude and not constantly giving in to negative thoughts really can make all the difference in how you experience your life at any age.

 We never know how long our life will be, some go way before their time, or what we expect their time here to be, many don’t get to reach 50. Everyday there’s someone new  turning 50. but remember when you get to be 60 or in your 70s plus you’ll look back and think, boy 50 really was young. Make the most of it now! We can change our minds about things,we can also change our attitude. Are you planning to cultivate a positive attitude around aging or do plan to be a Negative Nelly?  In the end it’s your choice.  You can be miserable about life at any age not just when your over 50 or you can have one of hope, wonder, excitement and purpose. Surround your self with good positive people, just like negativity it’s contagious! Always be grateful – make the best of what you have.

 Needless to say, it is important to maintain your health and with it to have adequate health insurance. Always do your homework when looking for health coverage as it appears that a number of companies have ceased offering retirement health insurance.  This is a huge concern for so many people, finding options becomes expensive so it’s important to consider this while you are still young enough. Take care of things like health insurance coverage for your retirement years

Keep your life Interesting whatever your age

If you have worked hard and are now considering retiring you may want to think about having some fun and doing things that you’ve always wanted to do, or really want to do now. You do have some choices.  Hobbies are great and there are lots to choose from.  You may want to use some of your time to make a difference in your own life by helping make a difference in the lives of others. Some retirees have a real problem adjusting to their new life.  Many feel that they no longer have purpose in their lives. Also many miss certain aspects of their old work life; especially the interaction with others. Volunteering is very rewarding and fulfilling for many seniors. You’ll probably have more time on your hands once you do retire so use it wisely! Is it time to give your life a makeover?



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  2. Would you know if there are any tap dancing classes in the evenings for the over 50’s please?

  3. Hi Pauline-Depending where you live most places have dance lessons and various types. it may be a bit more of a challenge to find tap but I would suggest you check with your community center and try to find a local dance instructors contact as they may be able to point you in the right direction. I hope you find what you’re looking for, dancing is such fun as well as great exercise.

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