Keeping Perspective As The World Changes 2020

A Time Of  Monumental Life Changes

Life Changing in 2020

2020 has been a radical year so far. And at this time it doesn’t seem as if there’s going to be much of a let up anytime soon.  Many of us are wondering what’s coming next. And what is happening  continues to have a domino-like effect on the world.

Thus far 2020 has been marred by a global breakdown unlike anything we’ve seen before, it’s been cursed by disease, destruction, and division.

So is it any wonder that a lot of people are worried, anxious, unsettled and disturbed about what’s going on right now.  A lot of people want things to change, many wanting for them to go back to the way they were.  And I for one can understand that as I feel the same way, only to be better than before!

 Things May Never Be The Same Again!

Personally in all my years I cannot remember a time like this. And there’s been a lot of things that have happened over 7 decades, both good and bad.

The last weeks were filled with undeniable challenges. And I can only imagine how much tension is in the USA is right now. Also what is even more disturbing is that the issues of these last months are not just affecting one country; this is global. And that’s something that I can never recall happening in such mass before.

But in saying that and with everything that’s going on around us we do need to keep some perspective. And have faith and hope that everything will work out for the good of us all in the end. Also you have to keep in mind that you still have a choice in how you react and want to show up in life.

Unexpected Life Changes And Challenges

People’s lives have been changed, many permanently. We will all be changed in one way or another. So many businesses being destroyed, jobs lost,  and people displaced. Plus those struggling to pay rent, mortgages and even not having enough to feed themselves and family.

Besides all that numerous people not able to get badly needed medical treatment that some have died from. And others that by not having it when it was needed could end up  impacting them for the rest of their life. All of this while many hospitals were practically empty and many doctors and nurses being sent home because of having nothing to do.

The Dramatic Affect On Relationships

end of a relationship

And what about the various affects on relationships?  Some whether they like the person or not have been forced to be together 24/7.  While others have been kept apart from loved ones for weeks and months.

Plus think of the affect on marriages and other relationships with many now falling apart. And the significant  increase in abuse, suicide,  addictions, loneliness, depression, loss and other challenges that have come about due to the lock down alone.

Counting The Cost Of Change In People’s Lives

The full impact of the last months may not be fully realized for many more months and even years. But one thing is clear, the cost is going to be immeasurable!

We the general public don’t know for sure how and why it happened…but it did and now we have to adjust to the fall out . Because if we don’t we’ll just go under and just become another statistic.

So take it as a wake up call and  an opportunity to reinvent yourself.  And take some time to decide how you want your life to become. There have probably times when you may think about making some positive life changes but you put if off for one reason or another. And often that comes down to getting distracted by other things.

It’s Time to Stop Taking Life For Granted

But I think all that’s going on will make people realize that they need to be better prepared.  Because the unexpected can catch us off guard. And that maybe people will come to realize that they’ve been living a life they took for granted or didn’t really like anyway.

But one thing you need to know before you decide to make any big changes is…what do want your life to be like?  And to discover that it takes effort and focus to come up with something better and different.  However now is a time when many people are being pushed into change whether they wanted it or not.

Fear, Excuses And Procrastination Keep You Stuck

Move forward on life

So what do you choose? Are you going to let all of this consume you and drag you down? Or are you going to focus on what you can do for yourself? How can you improve yourself and your life? Will you grow and learn and  keep on educating yourself, or just lose yourself in fear of what if’s.

For one thing it’s time to stop listening to what the media is telling us is best for us, and what we should and should not be doing.  We should all be very aware by now to do our own thinking and research.  And there is no excuse these days with everything so accessible and at our fingertips  via the internet.

Be Resourceful And Think For Yourself

With all the mistakes and lies that have been churned out by the media recently, that in itself should be a big wake up call. And this is not the first time we’ve been fed false information! They have proved once again that they cannot be trusted to share the truth and only tell what fits the agenda of the day by those that pay their wages.

Wake up and Stand up for your life

If you’re not doing it already please do take responsibility and discover for yourself what is best for you and those you love. And then stand up and make a difference?

The choice is and always will be yours. You choose how you show up. And how you act, how you react and respond. So far we’ve certainly been tested this year and we are only just about half way through it. And many will remember this as the year that really sucked.

A lot will depend on what you’ve personally experienced in your life to this point. There are those that have experienced a lot of hardship, trauma and loss during their time and may be thinking it’s all just another blip on their radar. We all have our own experiences to draw from.

A Time To Think And Reflect On Your Life

 When it comes down to it, it’s all a part of life. And not one we want to experience too often as it feels so much is out of our control.  But we must maintain perspective hope and faith. And we must continue to control what we can which is ourselves, our belief, behavior, physical, emotional and mental health.

Maybe there’s a good reason for this year to be so uncomfortable. There’s so much we take for granted. And there are so many entitled people about today. How complacent so many have become,  letting the powers to be tell us what to think and allowed them to make decisions for us.  And we just let things happen.

A Wake Up Call To Change Your Life

Dream Inspire courage

And maybe it’s a wake up call many of us needed! A time to wake up from a great slumber and take control of our own lives and make the changes needed. Imagine what we could achieve if we stand together and not be divided by an evil force.

There is a common ground where I’m sure most of us would like to stand. But we are being played by forces that have been hell bent on dividing us and sadly it’s been working.

If people don’t open their eyes and see what’s going on, how we are being manipulated by those you thought you could trust, this will continue to go on. And these type of things that have been happening one after the other over the past months will continue and possibly get worse. Is that just a coincidence?

There are agendas to do with greed and power that many good people are fighting against. And sadly there are so many others oblivious to what’s really happening and how they are being played.

A Need For Unity Respect And Love

However I think most of us will agree that we need to respect each other. Also that there needs to be more unity and love for the whole human race.

Hopefully the clouds will soon disappear, the sun will shine on us again and the world will be better than before.


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