Design a healthy lifestyle

You Can Re-Design Your Life At 50 Or Any Age

You can re-design your life and make positive change

Design a healthy lifeIt doesn’t matter what age you are there’s usually room to make some positive changes in your life. Whether it’s physical, emotional or mental.  Whether it’s in the area of health and fitness, socially, relationships, mental focus, or financially, maybe by learning better ways to manage what you already have, or perhaps how to make extra money. People make life altering decisions even when they are older. Some people have stayed in situations because they felt that they really didn’t have a choice. Maybe it’s been because of career or family commitments, even for health reasons and then suddenly circumstances change and the find themselves able to make other preferable choices.  A lot of people re shape their life!

Learning to adapt to life’s changes

Through various phases of our lives we have to adapt to the many changes that we are faced with, the type of changes that life situations and age can bring.  The things we could once do as teens and in our twenties may now appear to be totally inappropriate, or even physically impossible. Especially so for someone that’s well past the age 50.  The night club scene is probably a thing of the past at least for most of us, how we dress, our hairstyles, they have probably changed too. We are likely  more practical when choosing furniture, a car, shoes and other things, now we go more for comfort than looks. More than likely energy and agility levels have diminished quite a bit too. Then there’s our responsibility level, career choices and so on.

Change is an inevitable part of life.

Recently I watched the Beatles 50 year tribute.  How can something like this not have your mind wandering back in time?

create a better lifeTime goes by unbelievably quickly. I remember the beginning when the Beatles first came on the radio and TV. I remember getting my first Beatles album, and exactly where I was living at that time and so much more as if it were a few years ago not 50 years.  I was young and still living in the UK at that time. Music being my favorite thing, like so many others I was immediately a huge fan of the Beatles  and many other 60’s groups that were out then, and I still love their music today.  The tribute stirred up a lot of emotions for me, to think that was 50 years ago.  It’s another wake up call of just how old I am. With the tributes to the John and George, both having been gone a long time now, it made me also think about how many of my family and friends have gone too. They were around back then but are no longer here, including both my parents.

Create the life you want

Something that the young can never envision is just how quickly they will become a senior citizen. In a way it’s probably a good thing but in another there could be so many valuable lessons that could help set you up for later in life, and maybe you would make better use of your time, take more chances in life, be more adventurous rather than being a bystander.  What do you think?

If you had known then what you know now, would you have done things differently?  Would you have taken better care of your health and been more proactive about your fitness.  Would you have gone after a career you loved rather than something that just gave you a pay check? Would you have managed your money better, chosen the same relationships, been with the same life partner or someone completely different.

Would you have taken better care of yourself

When you find yourself dealing with some form of health issue like the pain of arthritis or breathing problems that affects your ability to do the things you like to do, would you have taken better care of yourself had you known what was in front of you. I know I would have.  When we’re young we think we will always be the same and able to do things the way we always have until such a time when the truth hits home and you realize that you can’t. A lady that I know said to me just recently “I still feel like a teenager in my mind but I’m rudely reminded that I’m not when I look in the mirror”- she’s 85 years old and still very active and independent.

It’s never too late – What if you can make some changes starting right now that may add to your quality of life, the ability to continue to do the things you love.  For so many of us our lives have become so sedentary, guilty of sitting around way too long, with little or no activity. Added to that is often a poor diet.  Poor, not it the way of in poverty because a lot of the foods and drinks that cause our poor diet are actually more expensive than healthy foods.

Change bad habits and live a better life

Give up bad habitsA lot of our ongoing  problems are caused by our poor habits,  habits that you may think that you’re stuck with. We become lazy and complacent and use “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, I’m too old to change  as an excuse not to even try.  We lie to ourselves and say it doesn’t matter that we don’t look or feel our best, who cares anyway. It doesn’t matter that we don’t have friends and people to do things with because we don’t make the effort to go out and connect with others, we don’t frequent places where we could possibly meet new people, that we don’t take vacations, it just doesn’t really matter – the truth is it does matter it matters a lot but it’s easier to try to convince yourself and tell others it doesn’t.

Take one step at a time towards positive change

It may not be easy to break a bad habit but it is possible, people do it every day. They quit smoking, excessive drinking, they start exercising, eating healthier, participating in life and making better decisions in general. They make a choice, they focus on the benefits, the reasons why it’s important to change some things to make their life better . They replace a bad habit with a good one.  They gradually force themselves out of their comfort zone. Taking one small step at a time can take you to a whole new level of health and happiness. But of course it’s entirely up to you if you redesign your life or stay the same!  You choose!

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