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Changing Retirement Plans

When the economy forces retirement life plans to change With the constant changes in the economy many are forced to changing their retirement plans. The past years brought about a lot of hardship for many people. Many lost pensions, investments, homes and their jobs. Also many seniors are forced to work much longer than they […]

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Life At 50 Is By No Means Old

 Don’t Panic! 50’s Not As Old AS You Think At 50 plus, 60 or even 70, today this need not mean you are old. Depending on your age now consider this,  you could be around for another 25-40 years or more, that’s a lot of time to just waste thinking you’re too old do stuff. […]

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Design a healthy lifestyle

You Can Re-Design Your Life At 50 Or Any Age

You can re-design your life and make positive change It doesn’t matter what age you are there’s usually room to make some positive changes in your life. Whether it’s physical, emotional or mental.  Whether it’s in the area of health and fitness, socially, relationships, mental focus, or financially, maybe by learning better ways to manage […]

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Your Alternative Retirement Plan

Do you have an alternative Retirement Plan set up? Are you in turmoil about your future and what will happen in your retirement years? When your retiring options becoming fewer by the day it’s no wonder so many seniors are confused and worried about what their future holds. By this time of life what you […]

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Making These Mistakes Can Cost You Big Time!

Making These Mistakes Can Cost You Big Time! We all make mistakes and most of them we tend to learn from.  However, as you get older there are certain mistakes that you do not want to make because they can be very costly and I’m not talking about money I’m talking about something more important […]

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Life Over 50 Could Bring Relationship Challenges

There is something about reaching 50 years old that’s a bit of a wake-up call for many individuals. You may suddenly realize that more than half of your life is behind you along with your youth as well as many of your hopes and dreams. The idea that you have all the time in the […]

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Three Mistakes That Cause Stress When You Retire

When it comes time to retire most people have mixed feelings. A part of you looks forward to it because you want the freedom and time to explore other interests, while another part of you is worrying that retirement will be disappointing even be a major challenge for you.  How will retirement change your life?  […]

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Life Over 50 May Not Be What You Expected

Life over 50 may not be what you expected – No matter where you live in the western world things have changed! We all know that change is inevitable, that nothing stays the same. But for some reason once you are over 50 a lot of big changes take place that we may not really […]

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Bored With Life – Then It’s Time To Change Your Life

Your life is boring, it sucks, you’re in a rut and need to make some changes but what to do that is the question.  Most of us get to this realization at some point in our lives.   For most of us it’s as we’ve gotten older, often once we are  over 50  and life is […]

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Top 10 Things Women Over 50 Do

You never know what life has in store for you no matter how well you think you have it planned out. Things can and do change. Often certain milestones will spur you on to re-evaluate your life and one of those times is turning 50. It can be a particularly thought provoking time for women […]

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