Making These Mistakes Can Cost You Big Time!

Making These Mistakes Can Cost You Big Time!

We all make mistakes and most of them we tend to learn from.  However, as you get older there are certain mistakes that you do not want to make because they can be very costly and I’m not talking about money I’m talking about something more important – Your life!

The chances are that you are reading this because you’re heading towards or are already over 50, shall we say in the 3rd phase of life.  Like me you’re probably thinking more about your life these days and how things have played out.  At times like this often comes the realization that you are not where you thought you would be at this time of your life, or maybe you are asking yourself “is this all there is?”

Some of you may have reached far beyond your personal expectation and are better off than you ever thought possible. Generally it’s the other way around, that you have not managed to achieve as much as you had hoped for, that you thought that you would be in a better situation than you are at this time of your life. You may even be feeling a bit discouraged by it all.

Maybe things haven’t gone as you had hoped in life .

Circumstances can arise that can turn our life upside down and inside out in a flash.  These circumstances are often totally out of our control. We only have to see what happened during the massive storm that caused havoc in many other areas before it hit the New York, New Jersey areas very recently where nature once again took its toll on many lives.  A large number of which will never be the same again.  This is big scale devastation like others we have seen before, but there are the individual personal catastrophes that happen to people like us every day!

Constantly lives are changed,

Whether it’s a major development such as a hurricane, earthquake, tornado, Tsunami, volcanic eruption or by an accident.  These can affect hundreds, thousands, or a few, it’s rarely an event will just affect one person alone because those we are close to will often be affected in some way too.

Each is affected individually and left to deal with their own personal loss in their own way.  These losses may be a personal loss, for example when we lose someone we care about, a physical loss maybe our home to fire or flood, emotional loss when we break off a relationship or when a parent is diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s and can’t remember who you are. There’s the financial loss that could have been caused by the bad economy which has swallowed up your savings and investments, or losing your job and therefore your income.  There are numerous ways we can suffer loss.

As we age there are a lot more things that we have no control over.

Getting older certainly doesn’t come without its challenges.  Besides the physical changes we notice in ourselves and others by the time we reach our fifties and sixties we will have had friends and family members pass away or that are dealing with serious health issues. It’s at those times most of all that we tend to think about our own mortality and what we are doing with our life.  The problem is its usually short lived and rather than taking some positive useful action then and there we quickly revert back into our old ways and routine doing nothing to improve our situations

It’s a mistake to waste your good health and mobility.

You will never be younger than you are right at this moment so don’t wait for later! You may be reasonably healthy and fit now so make the most of that while you have it. There are things that you can do in your 50s that you may find you are unable to do in your sixties or seventies and beyond. Many people start to get hip and knee problems that can cause a lot of pain, often requiring joint replacement which if you are able to get it can leave you immobile for long periods of time.  Yes, it can happen at a much younger age too but seems to be much more common in those in their sixties and seventies

During my 50s a lot of changes happened for me.  My life took a different direction, but it was a good direction. I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed most of my fifties.  I took the opportunity to do things that I used to enjoy, as well as some other things that I had wanted to do and hadn’t.  I took control of my life and it felt great.

Don’t make the mistake of ever giving up!

The year I turned sixty while not all bad, life did become much more of a challenge. We suffered the terrible loss of a much loved young member of our family.  It changed everything; in fact nothing has been the same since. While you don’t ever get over something like this, after a while as challenging as it may be you learn to adjust and go on or you will stay stuck.

It took a while before I got back to thinking that my own life is going by really fast and if there are more things I want to achieve or do I need to get on with it.  I have always had the belief that you should do things while you are able as you never know when the options will run out. Don’t give up on your life!

No matter how old you are don’t  waste your valuable time

It’s a big mistake to waste valuable time putting things off for later because you never know what later will bring. Time is a funny thing it’s illusive and we use it for all sorts of excuses. We say we don’t have the time for whatever but the truth is ‘this is all the time you have’.  You cannot manage time, you cannot manipulate it no matter what you do; you can only manage yourself and the way in which you use your time.  Organize yourself to use your time wisely!


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