If Money Was No Object How Would Your Life Be?

 If Money Was No Object How Would Your Life Be?

This question really does bare some thinking about because it’s not one we would normally consider. How different would your life be now if back when you were younger still with most of your life before you, that money was no object when you were trying to make some of your life decisions? Where would you be now and what would you be doing?

There are a lot of people that live to an old age never really having lived the life they wanted, not even for a short time. Others have taken risks and gone after what they wanted, knowing that it’s now or never, some have not lived as long but they actually fully lived while they were here.

If money wasn’t a concern, it just didn’t come into the equation, what would you desire your life to be like now? You can’t go back in time but maybe you can make up a bit for what you’ve missed out on or been searching for.

When it comes to choosing a career most people go after the money, even though they may be selling themselves short, and more often than not they are not getting any fulfillment from what they are doing or getting any further ahead. It really doesn’t make sense to be doing things that you don’t like but the problem is most of us think there isn’t another choice or we are too old to change this is not to say that money isn’t important because money can help in many ways

Is it really too late to give up what you don’t want and go after what you always wanted?  Some people do, it just takes some of us much longer to realize all the stuff we accumulate doesn’t amount to anything in the end it’s all about experiences and enjoyable ones at that.

There are those that decide to give up all the trappings that hold them hostage in their life for a simple life and freedom. They get to do the things that they want whether that is painting landscapes, sitting around a bonfire having a sing-a -long with friends, relaxing in a sunny location, surfing the waves or whatever their heart desires. They may drop out of the rat race and let go of their baggage but what are they getting in its place?

Maybe it’s time to stop letting other people get you to live their version of the world. Maybe you will be compelled to make more of the short life that we have

This video by Alan Watts is well worth the just over 3 minutes it takes to watch.

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