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older couple dancing It’s time to stop living as if you have all the time in the world because time runs out fast. Before you know it you’re getting old. Often you’re so busy living a pretty mundane life then you suddenly realize you’re 50, 60 and soon to be 70. And you’ll find you’ve left so many things until it’s too late.

It’s not that life is over at 60 or 70  especially when there are many living to be 100 years plus.  But there’s a good chance that you’re ability to do some of things you’ve wanted to do is diminished. By then you may be dealing with some type of illness or a mobility issue that may curtail your travel or other things on your wish list.

How not to waste your life

The older we get the faster time seems to go. And even though there’s still 60 minutes in an hour and 7 days in a week time seems to have a habit of flying by.

Don’t waste time and life by thinking you’ll put off  doing things until your retired. Or until you make more money or lose some weight, whatever it is you’re telling yourself. Figure out what is most important to you, what you most want and live the way you want to live.

What is your passion in life

There’s no better time to follow your passion than right now! You’re not going to get any younger!

Here’s an example of two friends. Until about two years ago both were pretty active. There’s just a couple of years age gap between them.

As of this time, one has spent almost a year confined to her home after a surgery 9 months ago also she now has a mobility issue.  And sadly things don’t seems to be getting any better, partly maybe because of lack of motivation. The other one is traveling around Europe for a few months.

How to find what makes you happy

Things can and do change, it can happen very quickly often when you don’t expect it.

Are there things you are living with that you hate and that make you unhappy?

If the answer is yes then it’s time to make some changes and see what you can do to improve things in your life. And do not just dwell on things as they are and accept them. Maybe there are some things you can’t change but at least give it a try! Focus on finding things that do make you happy

Maybe you are alone or maybe you still have kids at home. Or maybe you are retired, whatever your circumstances perhaps it’s time to shake things up a bit. And it’s very likely that you may have more time on your hands and you should not plan to waste it.

Focus on your goals

This is a time of life where you will have a chance to focus on your own goals, needs and wants. Take full advantage of it!

One of the most important things you can do is to stay physically and mentally healthy otherwise it can spoil any plans you may have.

20 smart ways to add spark to your life after 50

  1. Connect with new people… in real life and not just online.
  2. Reconnect with family and friends that you may not have seen for a long time.
  3. Participate in your community by helping out at events as this can add value to the community and to your life. It’s also a great way to meet new people.
  4. Keep on learning there’s always new and interesting things to be learned. This keeps your brain sharp and gives you interesting things to talk about. Attend seminars, conferences and lectures.
  5. Do something you’ve never done before but always wanted to try.
  6. Volunteer for a worthy cause, maybe even one that requires you to travel to somewhere far away.
  7. Travel for pleasure whenever you get a chance.
  8. Learn a new language.
  9. Consider going to a retreat related to something you’re curious about or already interested in.
  10. Engage in different types of activities, arts, choir, dance, sports there’s so much to choose from.
  11. Be a good neighbor. Get to know your neighbors better and see if you can help someone that is less fortunate than you that may be having a hard time.
  12. Be more adventurous! Consider doing something that will push you out of your comfort zone. It may even become a habit.
  13. Try different foods whether it’s to cook or sample at a restaurant
  14. Stay productive and have a purpose
  15. Have some structure to your life, don’t leave everything to chance as you can waste so much time and end up achieving less.
  16. Consider being a mentor. If you have a skill that you can teach others it’s a win-win.
  17. Join a meet-up group or even start one of your own on something that you’re especially interested in. It can be to get people together to do activities like hiking, walking group or even a coffee morning. There are lots of people looking for things to do and people to meet.
  18. Do something you feel passionate about as without passion whatever you do you could soon lose interest and quit.
  19. Find your passion and you’ll find your purpose.
  20. Do a random act of kindness. If you’ve been fortunate to have been a recipient you’ll know how it makes you feel. It makes the other person feel good as well as you for doing it! It doesn’t have to be anything major, simple works!

Hobbies and interests

Start by making a list of things that interest you then pick a couple out that you really want to do.  And then to start just pick one thing to do. For something bigger it may mean you have to  do it when you have the time and money available.   And don’t let your budget stop you as there are lots of hobbies and interests that you can do on a shoe string.

If you lack motivation maybe you’re not choosing the right goals. Ask yourself WHY do I want to do this?  It’s your why when it’s strong enough that will keep you motivated to keep moving forward to what you want.






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