Anti Aging Look/Feel Great

Anti Aging Looking great and feeling great articles for over 50s.

How To Live A More Fulfilling Life

 Lead the life you want As we get older we reflect more on where our life is going.  Are you leading the life you want, or do you feel as though you are just going through the motions each day? Maybe you go to work to provide for your family, you come home and spend […]

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The Anti Aging Benefits Of Exercise

How Exercise Can Help You Stay Young Exercise has been noted to slow down the aging process in a number of ways. With an I can do it attitude, some determination and  a good pair of shoes for walking or exercise classes you can keep your weight in check. Being physically active can help you […]

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5 Habits Of People Who Are Aging Well

Don’t use age as an excuse to stop living While you have your health make the most of everything you can; as there’s no way while you’re alive that you’re going to get out of getting old.  There are few of us that will not find our quality of life diminished as we age.  We’re […]

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Improve Your Life With A Healthy Diet

 A healthy body and mind as you age Sadly so many people end up on unnecessary medications. Many modern medical so called cures are prescribed in an attempt to undo the damage created by years of poor lifestyle choices and habits.  It’s been proved many times that our diet affects the health of our mind […]

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Getting Older -Stop Worrying And Keep Living

Age better with a good attitude Some say age is all in the mind. In a way this is true, I believe that your mindset has a huge baring on how old you perceive yourself. However, there’s no getting away from the fact that as long as we are still breathing we are aging and […]

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Red Light Therapy for Aging Skin

Red Light Therapy for Anti Aging and Blue Light for Acne By the time we get to 50 and over most of us have already been searching for anti aging therapies to help us achieve a more youthful look. During the search for better skin some individuals have been fortunate enough to have  discovered something […]

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7 Healthy Skin Tips for Winter

7 Healthy Skin Tips for Winter If you live in a place where you experience a real winter, where temperature’s can drop below zero sometimes for days or even weeks then regardless of whether you are young or have aging skin you are very likely to experience dry itchy skin which can become very annoying.  […]

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Choosing Hair Styles For Women Over 50

There are some women that have always been admired as a public figure for fashion and style; they are often admired by both men and women for the fact that they are so well put together. But what really makes someone stand out in the crowd?  Regardless of if you are wearing pair of blue […]

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Using Red light Therapy To Combat Aging Skin Problems

Aging has its many pitfalls, one of them being how soon our skin loses its elasticity and collagen causing sagging skin, lines and wrinkles.  We all dread losing the smooth toned skin that gave us that youthful appearance that we wish we could always hold on to.  It’s surprising just how early we do see […]

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Does Red Light Therapy Offer You Ageless Skin

Will red light therapy help you achieve ageless skin?  While many women are reporting that they indeed are experiencing very positive results with red light therapy treatments the truth is you won’t really know if it will do the same for you unless you try it. One of the positive things about light therapy is […]

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