healthy body as you age

Improve Your Life With A Healthy Diet

 A healthy body and mind as you age

 healthy body as you ageSadly so many people end up on unnecessary medications. Many modern medical so called cures are prescribed in an attempt to undo the damage created by years of poor lifestyle choices and habits.  It’s been proved many times that our diet affects the health of our mind and body. We need to take more responsibility for our own well being and stop relying on our doctors and medications to do what we can do ourselves without all the possible harmful side effects.

Make better lifestyle choices for yourself

Some people never even think about what they put into their body or the long term affect it will have on them. They abuse themselves, smoking, drinking too much of the wrong thing and wonder why they are not in good health when they mostly live on fast food and processed foods from the grocery store.

Of course there are many other people that know better and want to do better. They have educated themselves, they want to eat healthier and provide their bodies with better nutrition.  But many may not be able to afford a lot of the foods and nutrients they would like, but they still do the best they can with what they have. Often lack of finance can also be used as an excuse for not having a healthy diet and making better choices . There is really no reason to use lack of education as an excuse, these days there is so much nutritional information readily available.

Don’t let the media tell you what’s good for you

One of the biggest culprits to distract us from what we know we should do is the media, advertising, tv commercials that constantly tell us and shows us how tasty that burger or ice cream looks and tastes and we should go get one. It’s brain washing and we need to make sure we don’t fall for it as it’s our health that suffers.

Just pay attention, they tell us to buy all these unhealthy foods and drinks and then follow up with tons of commercials on the medications we need to fix our health problems, which of course makes us even sicker in the long run. It’s time to take responsibility and not let the media trick you into bad choices in order to make more money from you!

These are the traps we can fall into

•    Not taking the time to educate one’s self about real nutrient requirements.
•    Letting our taste buds define food choices.
•    Taking the easy out  by opting for convenient, processed but unhealthy options.
•    Staying with old unhealthy habits

Time to create new lifestyle habits

It takes time to change a habit and beating yourself up when you fall by the wayside is not the way to succeed.  It’s easy to tell yourself you failed so there’s no point in trying again, you keep on doing it and pat yourself on the back when you do the right thing, eventually you’ll do it more and more and this will become your new habit.

When you do start to make healthier choices you’ll begin to notice the difference in various ways. With a healthy balanced diet maybe you’ll lose those extra pounds you’ve wanted to shed.  It’s common to experience more energy, improved moods and a better focus. Good nutrition not only feeds your body, it feeds your mind too encouraging better brain health.

Poor choices can be taking you down a path of developing illnesses that can lead to a lifetime of dependency on drugs and affect your life in ways that you never anticipated.
There are so many benefits to your health and well being when you choose to make sensible healthy eating a part of your daily life.

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