healthy eating

healthy body as you age

Improve Your Life With A Healthy Diet

 A healthy body and mind as you age Sadly so many people end up on unnecessary medications. Many modern medical so called cures are prescribed in an attempt to undo the damage created by years of poor lifestyle choices and habits.  It’s been proved many times that our diet affects the health of our mind […]

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Don’t Pack On The Pounds Over The Holidays

Holiday festivities whether at home or away usually mean extra food, drinks and treats. And as much as we are determined not to gain weight during those times most of us give in to the temptations. Some times it’s just being away from your normal surroundings and having healthy food at hand that can be […]

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Cook It Up!

While our children were home, we concerned ourselves with cooking nutritious meals for them on a regular basis.  We knew their growth, stamina, and concentration depended on it.  Fresh fruits, raw vegetables, and meats were all a part of teaching them to eat healthy when they became adults. So what happened to all of that […]

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Cooking For Two

If you’ve been used to cooking for a family, it can take a while to make the adjustment of cooking for just one or two people again. On the plus side you can cook meals that you really like as well as preparing meals in advance. So many grocery stores cater to families with those […]

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