Keeping healthy and fit as you age

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Better Health And Aging With Self Care

How to take good care of yourself Taking good care of our physical health is of ultimate importance we need it to take us through our lifetime and to serve us well. Sadly many of us tend to pay little regard to our general health and wellness until we don’t have it. To avoid neglecting […]

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Get Rid Of Chronic Tiredness

Suffering from low energy and fatigue? If you are feeling overcome with tiredness and fatigue I feel your pain as I’ve been just where you are… There have been times when I’ve been so overwhelmed with tiredness that it was totally controlling my life.  No matter how hard I tried there were occasions during the […]

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 Light Therapy To Relieve Pain At Home

A home treatment for pain relief   The good news is that muscle and joint pain relief treatment is now available using light therapy.  There are devices that you can use at home to provide relief. And once you learn more about it you to may discover how you can become free of your pain […]

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Fit Over 50

   Discover your own fountain of youth When people think of fitness, they automatically think of exercise, and of course, that is an important part of maintaining one’s health, but it isn’t the only thing that matters. Taking care of yourself is hands down the best fountain of youth that we know of. Don’t take […]

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How To Evaluate Your Wellness After Age 50

Stay healthy as you get older We discover after we reach fifty that there are a number of life changes for both men and women. While menopause is something women have to experience, losing bone mass, increased risk of heart disease and cancer occur for both men and women. It’s important to stay healthy and […]

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Maintain A Healthy Mind

Keep your brain exercised  Nothing is more attractive than being able to maintain vitality through the years. In itself, it is a major achievement on your part. As our age increases, so does the number of health concerns. The aging process is inevitable and we all know the obvious. However, there should be no reason […]

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How To Get Rid Of Smelly Feet

Get rid of foot odor! Besides being uncomfortable, smelly feet can be very embarrassing for the culprit foot owner, and somewhat unpleasant for those in close proximity.  Stinky feet can affect both men and women but seems to be more of an issue for men. Depending on just how stinky feet are for guys, sometimes […]

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Two Of The Greatest Challenges Of Aging

We’ve all heard it before… “Age doesn’t come alone”. There can be a number of challenges to be faced as we get older and health starts to decline. Often we experience seeing the changes that come with the aging process in our own parents, it may be a physical or mental challenge or both. Sometimes observing […]

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Gout Relief With Home Remedies

Unless you are suffering with the condition you would probably find it difficult to believe how painful Gout is. You may even think that gout sufferers have a bad foot and that it’s a condition that just affects the big toe but this isn’t so. The big toe is the most common area to be […]

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Easy Ways To help Your IBS

Getting the right help for your IBS isn’t always easy. However if you get the right information about treating IBS it can change your life and get you back to living a more normal life again. Even when you are feeling fine in the back of your mind you are aware that you could get […]

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