Cooking For Two

If you’ve been used to cooking for a family, it can take a while to make the adjustment of cooking for just one or two people again. On the plus side you can cook meals that you really like as well as preparing meals in advance.

So many grocery stores cater to families with those humongous family packs of chicken, pork chops and other products. We all like to try to save money wherever possible, and for many it’s a necessity, especially if you are retired on a pension or on a fixed or low income.  However, you end up paying more by buying smaller amounts.

Ways to save money

Some ways to still save money is to either, split the family packs with a friend, cook in bulk and separate into freezer bags or containers then freeze these meals.  Otherwise, you can simply freeze what you don’t need and defrost as needed. I don’t know about you but I hate waste. I always keep my bread in the freezer, I just take out what I need, that way it’s always fresh and only takes minutes at the most to be ready to eat. The other advantage is; if you’re making a sandwich and like to add butter to your bread, the butter spreads so much easier if the bread is still a little frozen.

Some useful tips for cooking for two:

• At the beginning of the week try setting a 7 day menu. That way when you go shopping you’ll know exactly what you need to buy. This may also allow you to purchase the larger packs at lower prices and cut down on your shopping trips.  Another advantage is that you will have more variety in your meals plus save time.

• Check out some of your cook books, go on line or check magazines for new ideas.  I’m sure there are recipes that you haven’t tried yet. Sometimes we stick to the same old things year after year which can become very boring.

• Be more adventurous, Experiment with food combinations that you may never have tried before. Sometimes the results can be surprising as well as delicious.

• Buy fruits and vegetables in season.  If you’re up for it preserve or freeze them for the times when these products are unavailable or more expensive.

• Most recipes are for 4 so either halve the ingredients or follow the instructions as is and when cooked divide into two, freeze half and have another meal ready to have later in the week.

• By being well prepared you can ensure healthy eating. When you are in charge of the shopping and the cooking there is no excuse not to make good choices.

• Make your surroundings pleasant.  Even if it’s not a special occasion, just adding a little posy of flowers to the breakfast table can make an ordinary breakfast just that little more pleasant. Later in the day you can also add candles to the table for dinner. It can even help keep the romance alive if you are in a relationship.

• Be creative. If you have a partner, share the chores of making a nice dinner together.

• Do you have a good Barbeque?   Use it, even if it’s not barbeque season. It will take the monotony of doing the same thing every day.

• If you live alone still make an effort to create a nice environment for yourself, and prepare good meals for yourself. Sometimes it’s easy to just grab anything when you live alone.  Consider this, if you are not going to treat yourself well, why should anyone else? You’re worth it!

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