Preparing Your Garden For Fall

Fall season is considered as the best season for harvest. This is also an ideal time to arrange your flower beds and to clean up in preparation for winter.

Preparing your Garden for Fall
Preparing your Garden for Fall

Of course depending on where you are living in the world and your climate this will dictate how much protection your plants and shrubs will need, and how much work is required in preparation for the coming winter months.  I lived in the interior of BC for a while and it can get really cold during the winter. This leads to many lost plants if they are not adequately protected.

Even if you do live in a colder climate often the fall can still be really pleasant; making it a good time to get those outdoor projects done; rather than waiting for the really cold weather when it is not as enjoyable and you would rather be indoors.

Before the frost comes it’s time to check around your garden and plan what you need to do to prevent the frost from damaging your most vulnerable plants.  Even though the days may still be relatively warm the night cool off and we can start to experience some frost. If you are feeding your garden with fertilizers, the best time to do this is from spring to mid August. However, if you have weak plants and want to give them an extra boost before winter then low nitrogen fertilizer can be used during the fall. Cut back on water as soon as the temperature drops down. This will prevent your plants from getting new growth, plants are very sensitive during the winter months and the season may harm them.  During fall, over watering of plants is not needed because it will give the root system stress that can lead to rotting.

Fall is also a great time to move or transplant plants. Prepare the location where you want to transfer the plant in advance so that by the time you are ready to move it, the plants can just be transferred immediately.

If you are planning to plant some bulbs in your garden, bare-root shrubs and trees, make a final list of the plants that you want to purchase and plant during the fall season, this is also a great time for planting them as it will be easier for you to propagate plants at this time.

If you plan your garden properly and plant at the right time you can enjoy a colourful garden for most of the year.  Fall can give you some of the best flowers and colours.  Your garden can provide you with bountiful flowers and a colourful environment, so if you want to experience a great garden during fall season, plant your ideal plants in your garden by spring time. By the fall season, it will give you rewarding and satisfying result.

Remember, small plants can be damaged by even by light frost.  The more established and larger plants can be damaged and even die if there is a severe frost

Prepare frost cloth, sack cloth, or old blankets anything that can be used to keep your plants protected during winter, do not use plastic.  These things will be used to totally cover your plants.  You can use rocks and stakes to secure the lower portion to keep it stable, the idea is to not leave any open space for the warmth to escape.  If you do use blankets then you should pull them back in the mornings if the weather permits.  It’s a good idea to buy enough material for all your plants to prepare your garden in adequate time. When the time is right you can prepare for the frost by setting everything up and keep things in that position till the weather warms up.

Another thing to keep in mind in preparing your garden for fall is to be ready to do your pruning, I’m sure before fall is over may want to prune your shrubs.
Beside your plants, shrubs and trees, pruning and leaf collection and general clean up you need to remember anything related to water. If you have a garden fountain or water garden of any type see if you need to do anything to prepare it for winter. Your sprinkler system should be turned off and blown out.

Especially in extremely cold areas protect outside water pipes to save burst pipes during the freezing weather. You really want to prevent any unnecessary problems in your garden and around your home by preparing in advance.

Provide your garden as much protection as you can, it will pay off with each and every season. Give your plants the care they need in order to grow healthy and quality blooms. Preparing your garden for fall is not a difficult task as long as you allow the time and make the effort, and then reap the benefits in the spring. Happy Gardening!

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