living alone

10 Tips to Overcoming Loneliness

Have you found yourself sitting at home – alone – and feeling sorry for yourself?  Are there weeks when you felt bad, hopeless and anxious? There are many reasons why you may feel lonely but whatever they are you do need to address the problem in order to make changes in your life. There are […]

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Learning To Live Alone After Losing A Partner

One of the most difficult things to do is to live a solitary life when the majority of one’s lifetime was spent with someone. Losing someone to divorce, separation or in the worst case, death, is devastating. Its impact to the individual is deep and intense. Having the old vigor in one’s self can be […]

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Cooking For Two

If you’ve been used to cooking for a family, it can take a while to make the adjustment of cooking for just one or two people again. On the plus side you can cook meals that you really like as well as preparing meals in advance. So many grocery stores cater to families with those […]

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