Feng Shui-Is It For You?

If you’re not familiar with Feng Shui you can be forgiven for thinking it sounds like some form of oriental cuisine.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that began around 3000 years ago. It is based on the chi, the energy that surrounds all of life. It is based on the Yin-Yang theory and uses the laws of the elements of nature. Many believe that Feng Shui can improve your life, by creating good fortune, more harmony, good health, wealth, fun and happiness.

Those that follow Feng Shui make many decisions based on the Feng Shui principle.  Some will make their real estate purchases based on Feng Shui. Even more will use these principals for other things, especially when related to the layout of their homes and office spaces. To keep the Chi flowing the selection and placement of items is important.  It is said that by using colour, light and placing furniture, ornaments and other items in the desired locations that this will increase the vibration of the home or office.

Your living space can certainly affect your moods, so use cheery colours, allow as much natural light as possible into your space.  Accessorize your home with colourful cushions, pictures, ornaments, and coloured throws, items that you really like. Also add healthy plants to your living space.A water fountain can be a very nice feature. You can choose an outdoor or indoor free standing fountain, or one of the wall mounted waterfalls for space saving. Another option of including the water element in your living space is an aquarium. Remember, whatever you choose it has to be something that you love.

Opening windows often will allow the good air and energy in and lets the bad energy escape.

Get rid of clutter. Don’t keep things around you that hold bad memories, anything that you don’t really enjoy looking at, or feel good about, get rid of.
Keep things simple, bright and fun. The idea is to create good vibrant energy.  Create a beautiful space for yourself.

Also keep things as pure as possible, including your drinking water, use natural cleaning supplies, and personal cleansing products etc.
In good Feng Shui the placement of doors, windows, and stairs among other things are very important. Unless you are able to build your home to good Feng Shui specifications the chances are the layout of your living space will not be perfect. However, there are still many things that you can do to enhance your personal space.

The key is to do what you can to follow good Feng Shui principles whether it is in your living space, office, or even when looking for love.

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