Thinking of Playing Bridge?

The game of bridge has been played for over a hundred years. There are thousands of people from all walks of life that get together to play bridge on a regular basis. Playing bridge is a great way to make new friends and can definitely improve your social life. Playing a card game like Bridge […]

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Retired and Single

  So… what’s next for You? If you’ve been working really hard all these years, you may have been so focused with your job that you were not even thinking about a love life.  You are certainly not alone in this world of growing singles. Re-evaluate your Life When it comes to that time when […]

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Cooking For Two

If you’ve been used to cooking for a family, it can take a while to make the adjustment of cooking for just one or two people again. On the plus side you can cook meals that you really like as well as preparing meals in advance. So many grocery stores cater to families with those […]

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