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Your Relationship Could Fail Without Self Trust

Relationships are founded on trust Trust is especially important in a romantic relationship.  It’s impossible to have a stable romantic relationship if you don’t trust yourself. It can be a challenge to feel you can trust yourself again if you’ve come out of a long term relationship or marriage. When things go wrong it’s easy […]

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Is 50 Too Old For A New Lasting Relationship?

It’s never too late to get into a relationship Finding love, companionship or maybe even a great friendship after the age of 50 is certainly possible. Sharing your life with someone special later in life can bring some spark back to your existence. Why cheat yourself of the opportunity to possibly find more happiness with […]

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Life Over 50 Could Bring Relationship Challenges

There is something about reaching 50 years old that’s a bit of a wake-up call for many individuals. You may suddenly realize that more than half of your life is behind you along with your youth as well as many of your hopes and dreams. The idea that you have all the time in the […]

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Older Women Younger Men Relationships: How It Works

More and more older women and younger men relationships are apparent in society today. Some older women tend to like men who are younger because they themselves often look, feel and act younger than men their age.  So often the older men are not up to doing things and going places that they want to, […]

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Getting Over Divorce and Moving On.

Going through a divorce or splitting up from any long term relationship can be very traumatic, even if the relationship was a particularly bad one; it’s still a big upheaval and you are left looking for answers to the many questions that you still have.  Once they are on their own many feel lonely, depressed. […]

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Aging Parents

There are times when something happens that really brings home to us the reality of aging. One of these times is the realization that our own parents are aging fast and becoming frail.  This is often accompanied by ill health. We don’t want to focus on getting old but unfortunately we can’t stop it from […]

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Dating and the Over 50s.

Once over the age of 50 many singles will feel that it’s impossible to meet that special someone. There are so many people that think this way, so they often give up on the idea of romance and stay alone. Who really wants to go into their retirement years alone? Rather than give up, if […]

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Why Many Over 50s Avoid Getting Into New Relationships.

There are millions of singles that want to meet that special someone to share their life with. So why aren’t they getting together?  What stops them? When people are thinking about getting back into the dating scene, especially after the age of 50 there are a number of major things that they think about even […]

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How to Communicate with your Teen Grandkids

Communicating with your grand-kids when they are little is rarely a problem. Grandparents are the ones that seem to have a sunny disposition whenever they are around their grand-kids. They are the ones that are always ready to play or read a story, even if mum and dad have their attention elsewhere. It your are […]

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Over 50s Singles Looking for Love on Line–Stay smart

Finding and meeting new people online is uncharted territory for many of the over 50s singles. Life over 50 is very a different today than it was for our parents not to mention our grandparents. Never in their wildest dreams would they have imagined that one day people would turn on a contraption in our […]

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