Older Women Younger Men Relationships: How It Works

More and more older women and younger men relationships are apparent in society today. Some older women tend to like men who are younger because they themselves often look, feel and act younger than men their age.  So often the older men are not up to doing things and going places that they want to, some find them too boring. In the same way, younger men often like older women because they are more emotionally stable and mature, which saves them from all the drama of many younger women relationships. If you are in this kind of relationship or about to get into one, you must be wondering if this kind of relationship works at all. You may be surprised because many relationships like this actually survive and thrive.

These types of relationships can happen with women in their 40s 50s or 60 plus and men in their 30, 40s and 50s it’s still older women younger men. Sometimes they just happen; there is no planning to pursue a relationship specifically with a younger man or older woman. It can happen just as it has with a lady I know of that is now in her early 70s she met a man in church, they enjoyed talking to each other, it moved on to spending evenings together going out for dinner and has become a committed relationship, he’s in his 50s and they are having a great time together.

Often the younger man in the relationship enjoys the lesser drama that they can experience with an older woman, plus mature women are often more open and honest within the relationship. The man in a relationship with an older woman often feels more confident, intellectual, passionate, young in spirit and body. A woman who is relatively older also has a more controlling tendency in physical and intellectual aspect, which younger men often find really attractive. These older women are usually confident and intellectual as well, passionate, friendly, independent, and with a zest for life. They know what they want and they know they desire a partner who appreciates and reciprocates friendship and openness in the relationship. Being in an older woman younger man relationship brings out the couple’s unique characteristics that make the whole situation work. These people don’t see age as a hindrance when dating someone.

Older women younger men relationships are getting quite popular, especially now that celebrity couples have proven that it can work, as in the case of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher who has a 16 year age difference.

If you are woman dating a younger man, you and your partner needs to be prepared for the challenges that you will encounter in your relationship, which may be more unique than the usual. It is important to keep an open mind as well, while being confident and willing to experience new things. Do not allow anyone to make you feel uncomfortable about dating a younger man. You may well receive some skepticism from some, and that they will try to make you see the down side of being in a relationship with someone younger. Follow your heart and if you are comfortable and happy to be with a younger man then everyone else should be happy for you too.

It is not surprising if you often feel doubt about your chances of having a lasting relationship with a younger man. However, you must also realize that you have many unique characteristics, which makes you more attractive and fascinating to younger men. In fact, a lot of men who are interested in older women are most likely to stay in the relationship—many of them good looking, successful younger men. Embrace your age and maturity and celebrate your own being as this is what makes you attractive to younger men in the first place.

Relationships are hard work; more so if you are in an older women younger men relationship as your needs and situation is unique. You must always remember that all relationships are different, and love doesn’t pick any age. Even same-age relationships can fail or succeed. Also remember that older men and much younger women relationships have been going on forever.

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