Your Relationship Could Fail Without Self Trust

Relationships are founded on trust

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Trust is especially important in a romantic relationship.  It’s impossible to have a stable romantic relationship if you don’t trust yourself. It can be a challenge to feel you can trust yourself again if you’ve come out of a long term relationship or marriage. When things go wrong it’s easy to doubt yourself or trust your own judgement. What if you make the same mistake again?

The problem can arise when you meet someone else this lack of trust in yourself can have the other person lose confidence in you over time. The obvious signs are when you are constantly doubting yourself. You can’t make decisions, and quite frankly, you may not perform very well when it comes intimacy in the bedroom.

Trust takes a relationship to the next level

Romantic relationships must have a foundation of trust. While you may think that you trust your partner, it’s difficult to continue to build the relationship if you don’t trust yourself. Some people don’t feel good about themselves so end up putting themselves down constantly in front of others including their partner. While the partner may be sympathetic in the beginning, it can become off putting and this type of behavior will get old after a while.

When you do trust yourself it’s a total contrast, you will have confidence that will exude to your partner. Most people find this attribute attractive and will bring out the best in a partner. They will become more responsive to you. There’s much more of a chance that you will have your needs met both emotionally and physically, and that is sure to make you happier in your relationship.

A positive attitude counts for a lot

A lack of trust in yourself will not lead you to a positive attitude. You will most likely project negativity to almost anyone you associate with, including your partner. When you lack trust in yourself, it’s not likely you will feel you can share your feelings with your partner.

Relationships are built around communication as well as trust. If you cannot communicate to your partner, this is a major problem and could well break you apart.

 Try to put yourself in his or her shoes. Would you want to hang around someone who is constantly negative? It’s most likely you won’t. Over time, you will look for ways to avoid that person. If you are not careful the very same will happen to you. People will avoid you if you are constantly negative.

Finding the balance in your life

No one feels up all of the time and it’s okay to share your feelings with your partner, even if those feelings are sometimes negative. It’s pretty much impossible to be positive 100% of your life. It’s a question of  just striking a balance and working towards being more positive about life than negative. That cannot happen if you doubt yourself and don’t have self trust.

Yes it takes work and commitment, but in the long run you will have a better chance at having a great romantic relationship that will last if you trust yourself than if you don’t. Your partner will be more relaxed and enjoy being with you and will want to spend time with you. They will be happier which will make you happier. In the end it’s you that gets to choose if you’ll remain closed and lacking trust in yourself or if you’ll open up and gain the confidence to have the best relationship possible.

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