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The Anti Aging Benefits Of Exercise

How Exercise Can Help You Stay Young

woman running on the beachExercise has been noted to slow down the aging process in a number of ways. With an I can do it attitude, some determination and  a good pair of shoes for walking or exercise classes you can keep your weight in check.

Being physically active can help you maintain good health both physically and mentally. Plus it can promote a good night sleep.

The real secrets of slowing down the aging process is in your own hands and not in those of a plastic surgeon. Although they may help you look younger in your face it doesn’t help all of you.

There are natural ways to look younger in your face, and other body parts without you having to have a lot of money to splurge on invasive surgeries.

What it takes is commitment to create healthy habits. It’s important to eat healthy, maintain regular exercise, and create a healthy environment. Also by eliminating as many toxins as possible.  When it comes to how you look there are all natural skin care products.  And you can use these to help your skin look firmer and younger so you don’t have to use any chemicals on your skin.

Exercise greatly influences Mitochondrial Biogenesis

Experts consider the mitochondria as the “power plant” of the cells. These cells  play an essential role in initiating energy to be used for numerous metabolic functions.

Simply put, mitochondria can be thought of as the “essence” or “vitality” that exists within each of our cells. As we get older this vitality is depleted and weakens. The outcome of this is that our whole body becomes less active and as a result it becomes weakened.

This in turn continues to cause a further reduction in power in the mitochondria, and so the cycle continues.

The good news is that exercise can disrupt this cycle and increases the power or life of the cells, prompting at a cellular level the action of the anti aging process.

Regular exercise promotes overall health

Regular exercise encourages certain actions in the body which leads to an increase in the body’s cellular energy production.  This will also help lower the risk of dealing with many chronic diseases associated with aging.

If your concerned about weight gain the mitochondrial changes will have an impact on a person’s skeletal muscles and fat tissues.  It can also be beneficial for many other vital organs in the body such as the brain, kidneys and liver.

The Importance of Boosting Mitochondrial Activity

Free radicals occur as toxic by-products of the body’s metabolism.  Exposure to toxins, chemicals and pollutants which are everywhere around us can also cause increased free radical damage in the body. These free radicals can create havoc on the tissues and cells.  And this can result in compromising the DNA as cellular lipids and proteins will also be damaged.

You also increase the risk of damaging the ability to use fat and carbohydrates for energy.  And are more likely to become insulin resistant and overweight or obese. Plus it also contributes to accelerated aging if you do not do something about it.

Using the Power of Exercise to Combat Aging

It’s said that approx 2.5  hours of regular activity a week is required. In other words 30 minutes of physical activity 5 times week will help a person to stay young.  It also helps lowers blood pressure, and cholesterol as well as the levels of inflammation in the body.

Be sensible and do whatever works for you. And just stay away from extreme forms of exercise that may increase inflammation in the body.  If you struggle with the idea of exercising keep in mind how important it is to YOU.

Also keep in mind that when you choose an activity that you enjoy it won’t seem like a chore and will keep you committed.  Go for brisk walks, cycling, jogging, swimming, play tennis, working out at a gym, aqua-fit, or dancing, mix it up.  The most important thing is to be physically active and slow up the aging process.


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