5 Habits Of People Who Are Aging Well

Don’t use age as an excuse to stop living

While you have your health make the most of everything you can; as there’s no way while you’re alive that you’re going to get out of getting old.  There are few of us that will not find our quality of life diminished as we age.  We’re just not able to do the things in the same way that we were able to do them when we were younger. However we may as well take our happiness and joy wherever we can find it. You just have to figure out where that is!

Too many use age as an excuse to give up really living. They create a comfort zone that they rarely move out of, it often consists of a couch, a t.v. and little more. While some see getting old  as an obstacle too big to conquer, others have other ideas.

One group will possibly spend the rest of their days living vicariously through their television, having regular naps and  struggling with mobility issues.

While aging is a natural process which gets the better of everyone eventually you don’t have to give up and stop living. You do have a choice in the matter, you can choose to be like the other group that tackle aging head on and continue to live an active productive vital life for as long as they can. Some maintain their energy and good health for years to come.

What will it take you to maintain a good life?

Let’s take a look at 5 traits of those who are aging well.

They Still Try New Things

Some remain brave and gutsy to the end, these are the ones that are usually open to new experiences and trying new things.

The thing is, our brain loves new stuff, it likes to be active and our body definitely benefits from activity. We never stop learning and growing unless you decide otherwise, And if you make the decision to stop, that’s when it’s going to bring aging crashing right down on you.

If you haven’t already noticed by the time your 50’s come around you experience some changes, a decline in eye sight is a common one, wrinkles, tire easier, for many less stamina becomes apparent. Each 5 year marker there’s a tendency to evaluate where you are in life, and as time goes on we notice more change on an annual basis. None of us know how long we’ll live so think about what it is that you do want to do with the time you have left.

Really being in your 50’s is still young

If you’re past 65 and already retired do you prefer the notion of just settling down, handling life slowly, feeling content that you’ve done all that you wanted to do. Do you just want to veg out and watch television with no one to bother you and you’d be quite content with that idea. I’m sure this sounds appealing to us all at times, but for many it could quickly get pretty boring and depressing.

They Have Friends Who They See Often

Loneliness can cause both mental and physical problems for anyone. However, older people are more susceptible to loneliness and depression than younger people. Their worlds grow inevitably smaller as they retire from work, they miss their co-workers and friends. Some manage to maintain friendships by making the effort. The  social aspect is a big part of your work life. At some point some stop driving giving up their independence. This really does diminish the quality of their.

Those who are aging well, though, know the importance of having friends and maintaining contact with them. Making plans to meet for coffee or lunch on a regular basis. Making plans do something enjoyable with friends or family is important.

They have social connections…

besides their partner and family members there are many places where they can go to connect with others

  • Friends
  • Siblings
  • Golf partners
  • Church
  • Fitness class
  • Volunteer
  • Art classes etc.

These are not just “acquaintances” they see once in a blue moon; these are people they may see regularly. They chat to them each week, invite them round for coffee, play cards, and maybe even plan trips with them.

They Stay Mentally Active

 Maintaining your memory and staying interesting by using your brain is the key to keeping your mind young. Use your mental faculties on a day-to-day basis.  Older people who regularly complete puzzles, crosswords, surf the Internet, and get creative through hobbies such as writing, art, sewing, playing a musical instrument or whatever else they choose are aging well because they’re keeping their brains active.

As you get older, it’s really important that you take care of your mind as well as your physical body.

They Know What Makes Them Happy

Consider what makes you happy.  If we aren’t aware of what makes us happy, we certainly can’t do it. If we don’t have things that do bring us some happiness we’re often living a life of stress, anxiety and turmoil. We’re not satisfied and this can take its toll on our minds and bodies, to the point where we are accelerating the aging process.

Older people who are aging well really have this happiness thing figured out. They know exactly what makes them happy – and they’re going to seek it out whenever they have an opportunity. They accept adjustments that they need to make, they’ve learned to say No to people when they don’t want to do something and to focus on bringing positivity into their life.

They Get Out And About

 People who don’t get out and about much are at greater risk of developing dementia, diabetes, heart disease, depression and more. Addictions especially alcoholism are also more likely when a person is holed up at home alone all of the time.

Those who know how to age well get around a lot; they’re out there sweating it out at the gym, at a yoga class, playing tennis and out walking. They have a healthy, well-balanced diet and maintain a stable weight. Living their life to the fullest!









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