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create a life you loveWe all have our ideas of what’s most important to us and yet many of us are big procrastinators, we think and talk about what we want and one day we plan on having it or doing it. So what is it that keeps getting in the way?

For one thing there are always urgent things that seem to bombard us from all directions. There are so many things that need taking care of right away. Between all the phone calls, texts and  emails to read and answer, plus people are contacting us on twitter, facebook,  Linkedin, etc. This is besides dealing with our other everyday chores. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow so maybe we’ll set some time aside to work on our goals and dreams some other time.

Take care of life’s important tasks

A lot of the things that happen in our everyday lives are just a distraction. While we are so busy being busy how can we really get down to the business of taking care of what’s really important? I say what’s important because if we are really honest how many of these urgent tasks are actually important.   The truth is many of us spend a considerable amount of our allotted time on things that truly are just time wasting distractions.  What is it that’s more important than your goals and dreams, and more important than the things you keep promising yourself  but never get around to?

Focus and work on your life’s goals and dreams

Most of us are guilty of sabotaging ourselves when it comes to improving our own lives. I have seen it happen with people I know and that I’ve worked with. Even when some people start the process of focusing on themselves, on their values and goals so many still get pulled back into the old habits by what others want them to do, or don’t want them to do.

Often they begin to make real progress, they have finally figured out what it is they actually want, they even start getting really excited about it, then things come to a grinding halt!  So why do they pull back? For some they begin to see that it could be possible to attain their goals and dreams, but now they are actually afraid that they may succeed, they may achieve what they say they want and it scares them.

Making changes in your life can threaten others!

Often women who are wives and mothers of older children want help to make changes in their life. Some of these women are bored with their life especially those that have husbands that spend a lot of time away from home. They are often at home alone because their kids are away at university, or just out living their own lives with their friends.

These mothers can be dealing with boredom, a feeling of loss and they start to ask, “what about me, my life, my needs and wants”? They feel that their role is not as important as it once was. They are often feeling very alone, watching their own lives drifting by without a purpose and they want to do something with their life. That’s when they may eventually come to the decision that it’s time to design the life they actually want.

Make your goals happen don’t sabotage your efforts

Some will get help from someone that can help them figure things out like a coach, they even begin the process toward the change they say they want. They will discover what’s important to them and that they actually do have interests that they would like to pursue. They’ll even start to take action steps such as  finding out what they need to learn and where to go to get this skill. What the cost will be, and how much time they need to invest to make this goal happen.
But as soon as their spouse comes back into town and wants them to do something else or the kids have to have the car, or whatever their specific need is at that time, their own goals and dreams get put back on the shelf. Do this often enough and you will eventually feel; what’s the point, it’s never going to happen.

Take steps to redesign your own life now!

No matter where we live, how old we are, what our financial situation is we all get so much time to spend every day, 24 hours to be precise. Some do great things with their allotted time and others just squander it.
If you are really serious about meeting your goals and dreams you need to prioritize your values and plan to use your time wisely. Give yourself  the gift of following through on what you truly want.  Start taking the steps toward re designing and building your own life.

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