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Life At 50 Is By No Means Old

 Don’t Panic! 50’s Not As Old AS You Think

healthy agingAt 50 plus, 60 or even 70, today this need not mean you are old. Depending on your age now consider this,  you could be around for another 25-40 years or more, that’s a lot of time to just waste thinking you’re too old do stuff.  Rather than just let your valuable time dwindle away, what would happen if you used that time wisely?

It’s highly likely that you may have a bit more time on your hands at this stage of life. wouldn’t this be the perfect opportunity to do many of the things that you never got around to earlier in your life or do more of things you already love to do?

Start planning your future and life in retirement

It’s really in your own best interest to start figuring out and planning at least some of the ways you want to live these later chapters of your life. They are yours to write and fulfill! With the right mindset and attitude the years to come could continue to be very productive. You may even surprise yourself what you’re capable of.  You probably know of people that continue to ski, golf, play in a band, run a business or enjoy traveling to new places.  Many enjoy new experiences way past their expected retirement age.  There are those that still continue to experience new things into their 80’s and 90’s.  Just look at Mick Jagger, still rocking it out in his 70’s, he still has the moves and obviously still enjoys what he does, he certainly doesn’t have to do it for the money now. There are many others like him in and outside of the music industry.  Good for them!. The common factor is these people love what they do.  When you keep doing what you love it isn’t a chore.

Take advantage of your opportunities

If you are open for it, there are probably lots of great opportunities to still come in your life even if when you are well over 50.  You probably already have a lot of skills but it’s never too late to learn new skills.  you may be doing more travelling now or have grandchildren so you may want to learn more about  photography.  Have you ever considered yourself as a bit of an artist or wish you could learn to paint,  I’ll bet there are many of you that love music that admire musical talent whether it’s playing the music or singing,  Did you always want to be able to play an instrument? I know I did my few piano lessons as a child didn’t take me far but I wished later that I had persevered although I always loved the sound of the guitar.  Maybe you have travel on your mind, do you want to learn a new language, or keep fit and have fun by taking ballroom dance lessons.  You may already have a hobby that you put on hold, now could be a good time to it pick up.

Travel is enjoyed by people of all ages…

So why not travel to new places, meet new people and enjoy different experiences?  At this time in your life it’s time to think more about you and how you want to live, what you really want for yourself. Often people don’t realize until they are older that when it comes down to it, life and happiness is not about possessions, it’s about the people you have in your life, and the experiences that you have. Stuff doesn’t create good memories or relationships, it doesn’t fulfill or inspire you most stuff it a flash in the pan, it really means nothing.  In the end what really counts is the people you surround yourself with, those you really enjoy being with, also those positive experiences that help fulfill you.  So enjoy your life in your 50s or whatever age you are, do what you can to create friendships, fun, happy adventures and meaningful memories!

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