take control of your life

How To Manage Your Life?

Are you achieving your goals and dreams?

take control of your lifeOr are you always putting what you want on hold? It’s very easy to say we want something but never do anything about getting it. Words are easy to come by, it’s in the area of taking action where most of us fall short.
Taking action on something we say we want often makes us push ourselves into areas where we haven’t been before. Going after what we want means taking risks. Often it may mean going against the wishes of someone that we care about.  Even though most often those close to us really do want the best for us, sometimes, even though it may be done unconsciously they may sabotage our efforts.

Does guilt stop you from getting what you want?

We need to understand that making big changes for ourselves could well affect the lives of others. Therefore, they may not support us in our desire to make that change. Often change for us could be a threat to them. They think it will change their life too, and sometimes it does. Sometimes our feelings of guilt will stop us in our tracks and we step back from what we want rather than upset those we love.  It’s no wonder most of us hold back and don’t achieve the level of success we’re capable of.

How big is the action you need to take to see the change you desire?

Depending on the extent of our intended action will depend on who or what will be affected. Are we talking of change as being to redesign or re-furnish the house, changing the car or maybe planning on spending a chunk of savings on a big vacation?  Or, are we thinking of quitting our present job to take a job in another country? Are we thinking of taking on a huge loan in order to start up a new business, or are we thinking of leaving our relationship? Of course these last examples especially will affect others if you are in a relationship. They will affect your partner and possibly even family members.

Success can be yours when you commit to take action

Making change is also a time when we perceive that we will prove to ourselves and others whether we can actually be successful or if we will fail. If we don’t try then no-one can say we failed but if we do and it doesn’t work out others will know; then we will be a failure right? Wrong!
You will never know until you try. I always look at it as; If something doesn’t work out quite the way you planned it’s a lesson not failure, it’s a lesson in finding out what doesn’t work. Once you know how not to do something then you won’t do that again. Then it’s time to try another way. Every successful person has had to learn what doesn’t work before getting to the place where they find out what does. It’s research! This applies whether you are baking your first cake, learning to ski or going for something much bigger.

Express what your needs are

Having the support of someone that understands your need for change is very helpful. To be able to talk out your ideas with someone that can be encouraging, yet unbiased helps to get more clarity for your own goals. They don’t have a vested interest in your plan other than to see you succeed. It can be a challenge to find someone impartial and non judgmental that doesn’t have an ulterior motive for swaying you one way or another.  Sometimes we hold back from saying what’s really on our minds for fear of being judged. Sometimes we are not even sure how to express what we want or need. Talking things over with the right people can help you  prioritize and decide what’s really important to you. Figure out the required action steps needed to get you from where you are now and to where you want to be.

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