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15 Tips For A Positive New Year


Time to create your best life yet!

We are coming to the end of a year where there’s been so much focus on fear and negativity. If you listen to the news and other forms of media it seems more so than usual. Daily we are bombarded with negative events which if you focus on them can become a real downer.

Regardless of what’s going on in the outside world it’s up to you to take care of your own environment, and to create a positive foundation for the year ahead for you and your loved ones. You can do this by putting your focus on taking more control of what’s going on closer to home in your own life.

No matter how positive our intentions may be, due to some circumstances beyond our control many of us already know that 2016 will have its challenging times. I have a brother with a type of cancer that isn’t able to be cured.  Those that are sick themselves or may have loved ones that are sick and or elderly knowing that this could be the year we may have to say a final goodbye to a loved one. These are things that will impact our personal lives, make us sad and set us back at least for while. But no matter what, we still have to move on with life and focus on making it the best life possible.

Here Are 15 Tips To Creating Your Foundation For A Happy 2016

  1. Pay attention to your thoughts:

You have control over our thoughts they don’t have control over you unless you let them. You have way more control over your life than you think. You control what you do and what you believe. It’s important to remember this! If you believe you can -you can. If you believe you can’t – you can’t.

  1. Have an optimistic attitude:

Some people have great attitudes and others have bad attitudes. We all know how we feel about being around these people and who we would prefer to be around. Optimistic people with a good attitude are much more pleasant people to be with so pay attention to your attitude.

  1. Be grateful for what you have:

You may not have everything you want and need yet but the chances are you have way more than many others. The more grateful you are the more open you’ll be to accept more into your life. Gratitude and a good attitude are attractive qualities that people notice. This will open more doors to you.

  1. Fill yourself up with good things:

Fill your mind with good thoughts, good music, good books, and definitely good conversations. Keep learning, keep on improving yourself. Surround yourself with good people. Manage your mindset can change your world so keep it positive.

  1. Feed your body with nutritious foods and drinks:

Make breakfast the most important and largest meal of the day. This is needed to give you the energy to get you going and to keep you going.   Have a smaller lunch and an even smaller dinner. In other words as the saying goes, eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.

  1. Move your body:

Dance is wonderful regardless if it’s bopping in the kitchen, Zumba or taking ballroom classes. Walk, cycle, swim, workout at the gym. Never mind what others are doing, pick something that’s right for you and just do it – just do something and keep moving!

  1. Get adequate sleep:

Adequate sleep has so many benefits and is important to all aspects of your life. It makes a difference to your ability to focus and function properly. If you want more success in your life make sure you get adequate sleep.

  1. Take care of your relationships:

Nothing is more important than your relationships with family, friends and anyone that’s important to you. The older we get the less important material things become and the more important we realize our relationships are to us. Nurture them, you could lose them if you neglect them.

  1. Find your purpose and passion then live it:

Many people find it a challenge to discover what their purpose and passion are and yet it’s an important element of having a happy life. There are many that actually know what there’s is but they’ve just lost sight of it. It may even be something you did when you were younger or something you always wished you could do. What’s something that when you are doing it you lose all track of time?

  1. Make a difference in the lives of others:

Nothing feels as good as knowing you’ve made a positive difference in someone else’s life. It doesn’t have to be anything major. Help a friend, neighbor or become a volunteer. It can do as much for you as it does for them.

  1. Stay away from gossip and negativity:

It’s easy to get caught up in workplace politics, neighbors, family or friends issues and end up becoming a part of the problem. Gossip is never good! Gossip is rarely the truth, stories get embellished upon.

  1. Pay attention to your finances:

It’s easy to let your spending get out of hand when you’re not paying attention. Debt can cause a lot of stress and be a huge burden on your relationship. So often its money wasted or spent on things that are not even needed.

  1. Don’t believe everything you read or hear:

When in doubt check things out for yourself – Do your own research as not everything you read and hear is the truth. Some things can actually be detrimental.

  1. Success does not happen overnight:

When the truth be told many overnight successes have taken years. If you want something bad enough remember that anything worth having takes time. If it’s important to you stay committed, be patient and don’t give up!

  1. Remember the saying “laughter is the best medicine”

Find things that make you laugh. Laughter actually releases feel good chemicals in your body. Sometimes we all need a break from reality. A good laugh can make you feel so much better about things.

New Year Resolutions are great but more often than not they are soon forgotten and end up going on next year’s to do list. Stepping into the New Year creating a positive lifestyle foundation that’s very doable could be just what you need to make 2016 or any year a very good year!





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