Learn and Master Painting Course Review

Learn to paint at home with the learn and master painting course

learning to paintIf you have ever wanted to create a piece of art that you would be proud to display in your home or maybe give as a gift to a loved one, it’s not too late to make it a reality.  You may even create a demand for your art and make some extra income too. You may be amazed at what you can actually achieve with some professional training. The learn and master painting course can turn you into an artist if you so desire and are willing to put in the time follow through, so even if you don’t have the skills right now you can learn to paint and do it extremely well.

Don’t limit yourself with old beliefs

Many of us have old beliefs that stop us from doing things we want to do.  Maybe somewhere you have heard that if you weren’t born with a talent then you couldn’t learn it. Well that is absolutely untrue! If you have that natural ability it is going to be easier but regardless you can do it too. You can learn to be a musician, to sing, dance and paint. There are many things that you can learn that you might be really successful at.  Now that we have the lean and master collection by Legacy learning there’s nothing to stop you but you! No more searching for the right place to register for a class and trying to fit it into your schedule that is no longer a problem with these great learn at home DVD courses.

Bring out the artist in you!

Like many of you for years I was convinced that there is no way I could learn to paint or play an instrument because IBe a creative artist wasn’t born with the artistic, talent gene, and because of this I was never encouraged to even try. Fortunately, beliefs and thinking can change and we now know that with the desire and commitment and right training anything can be learned and mastered.

Learn at your own convenience

Thanks to programs like the Legacy Learning-Learn and Master Painting Course it’s proven that anyone serious about learning and taking action can become an artist. And for those that already have some talent in this area and wish to excel they can use this course to improve dramatically by learning the specific skills that hold them back from reaching their full potential. You also have the advantage to learn to paint at home at you own convenience, at your own pace and repeat any lessons whenever you desire to.

Positive reviews and recommendations

I am a bit of a skeptic! I like to do my homework before I feel qualified to make a recommendation about something to others.  I also want to make the best purchase and investment possible with the information I have. That is why I have actually own this paining course and others from the earn and Master series. I’ve had the opportunity to review this painting course first hand and other courses from Legacy Learning.  My conclusion is that I’m very impressed with the quality of the training and also the presentation with these products.  I’ve read a number of positive,  credible testimonials on the Learn and Master Courses.

The Learn and Master Painting course teaches you how to:

•    Set up a studio or work space
•    Brushwork Technique
•    Color Theory
•    Controlling color intensity and understanding color combinations
•    Understanding Composition
•    Understanding Perspective
•    Using Photographic Reference
•    Varnishing Your Paintings.
•    And So Much More…

Painting styles and Techniques include:

Alla Prima – Impressionism – Chiaroscuro – Realism – Impasto Painting – Scumbling – Wet into Wet.

If you don’t know what these terms mean don’t worry, you will learn more during the course sessions. So whether you are a beginner or have already found your talent but want to improve on your skills this course may be ideal for you.

The course materials include:

20 DVDs of the highest quality instruction.

On these DVD’s you will be shown instructions that are very easy to follow. You will learn how to do fine details, learn about brushstrokes, mixing paint on your palate and color theory.  In fact you will have at your disposal everything that you need to know about painting. All of this tuition is provided by a masterful painter named Gayle Levee. Gayle is incredibly talented with an impressive bio. And not only that she is a talented teacher which makes a great combination for your success.

About the DVDs

Each DVD is designed in a step-by-step sequence to guide you to painting mastery. You will learn all you need to know to move you towards becoming the artist you’ve always wanted to be. By the time you have finished the course you will have already created a collection of your own art.  Now that is exciting!

Printed Materials

The Learn and Master Lesson Book is a great resource to help refresh your memory of any projects covered in the video lessons. It contains painting techniques, lots of pictures, plus a glossary of painting terms.

Online Community and Student Support

The online community offers you a place to come together with others students to share your experiences, ask questions and find encouragement. You will find this a very valuable support.

Easy to Use Menus

The easy to use menus allow you to easily access any exercise that you may want to repeat or topics you want to find.

Set your mood with music CD’s

Also included are 3 music CD’s to enhance your learning experience.  Having background music while you paint will help to set the mood and create an environment to inspire you and help the flow of your creativity.

Last but not Least is the 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Legacy Learning wants you to be have a good experience and be delighted with your Learn and Master Painting Course. CLICK HERE to get yours


For those that are looking for a different type of hobby Legacy Learning Systems offers a number of options besides learning to paint.  You can learn and master the guitar or other instruments, and now Legacy Learning offer learn photography too. Check the banner below for more information.


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