identity protection

Identity Theft-Be Aware And Protect Yourself

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft How many more times are we going to hear about another security breach from major companies that could compromise our credit card information?   It’s getting to be a regular occurrence and one we really should be concerned about.  Hackers are becoming more and more brazen some do it for the […]

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New Year-New You

A Different Way To Make Your New Year Count

 Make Your New Year Count With a New Year beginning you’ve probably already been telling yourself that there are some changes that you’d like to make in the coming year. You may look at it as another chance of starting over, wipe the slate clean and begin again. Realistically though, you know that it’s not […]

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How to save money on gifts

Simple Ways To Cut The Cost Of Xmas Gift Giving

Cutting back on the number of gifts It’s coming to that time of year again when many of us turn our thoughts to the holiday season and beginning the search for affordable gifts for family and friends. Personally,  over the past few years I have cut back a lot and now mainly get gifts for […]

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how to get rid ofsmelly feet

How To Get Rid Of Smelly Feet

Get rid of foot odor! Besides being uncomfortable, smelly feet can be very embarrassing for the culprit foot owner, and somewhat unpleasant for those in close proximity.  Stinky feet can affect both men and women but seems to be more of an issue for men. Depending on just how stinky feet are for guys, sometimes […]

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couple dancing

Two Of The Greatest Challenges Of Aging

We’ve all heard it before… “Age doesn’t come alone”. There can be a number of challenges to be faced as we get older and health starts to decline. Often we experience seeing the changes that come with the aging process in our own parents, it may be a physical or mental challenge or both. Sometimes observing […]

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retiree couple

Your Alternative Retirement Plan

Do you have an alternative Retirement Plan set up? Are you in turmoil about your future and what will happen in your retirement years? When your retiring options becoming fewer by the day it’s no wonder so many seniors are confused and worried about what their future holds. By this time of life what you […]

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play guitar as hobby

Finding The Right Hobby Can Change Your Life

Hobbies keep you young Hobbies or interests whatever you want to call them it doesn’t matter, what does matter is that we should all have them, especially as we get older and don’t have quite so many things to fill our lives.  In fact we need hobbies and interests to keep us from getting bored […]

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Give A Gift Of Learning And Memories

Give a Gift of Learning and Memories Whenever it comes to gift giving for whatever the occasion it’s common that most of us are left scratching our heads wondering what to give our loved ones.  For those of us that are older, especially those over 50, if you are like me you will probably recall […]

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If Money Was No Object How Would Your Life Be?

 If Money Was No Object How Would Your Life Be? This question really does bare some thinking about because it’s not one we would normally consider. How different would your life be now if back when you were younger still with most of your life before you, that money was no object when you were […]

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Making These Mistakes Can Cost You Big Time!

Making These Mistakes Can Cost You Big Time! We all make mistakes and most of them we tend to learn from.  However, as you get older there are certain mistakes that you do not want to make because they can be very costly and I’m not talking about money I’m talking about something more important […]

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