Reduce Stress with Relaxation

Seeking a calmer More Relaxed Sense of Well Being?

We’ve all felt at some point in our lives that we need to be able to learn to relax. Some of us may have been told this by others, perhaps even our doctor. Our health can be compromised by having too much stress in our lives. Sometimes we don’t even know how stressed and anxious we’ve become. And what makes matter worse is that we don’t always know what to do about it.

Stress is at the root of many ailments.  It creates tension in the body and mind. Continued stress really takes a toll on the body as well as the way we function in our work and relationships. Some people will go straight for the medications while others are looking for more natural ways to help relieve the symptoms of stress.

There are numerous causes of stress including financial issues, health problems, and relationship issues with your partner, family members or friends. There are many that find their stress is work related. While some have extremely stressful jobs others just find they are stressed from overwhelm, too much work and pressure to perform.  And for others it can be a work colleague or even their boss that creates stress in their life.

It seems almost anything can cause us stress. Stress is something that we cannot avoid and some stress is healthy as well as a normal part of life. There are certain times in our life when we will probably get extreme stress. If you are dealing with the loss of a loved one or divorce; it’s common that prolonged stress may be experienced, and this can often be accompanied by depression and other emotions like grief, anger, guilt and feelings of hopelessness.

The symptoms of stress can be quite concerning because many people feel like they could be having a heart attack.  Other symptoms can be shortness of breath, headache, and unexplained pains in other parts of the body, loss of sleep etc.  Anxiety will often accompany stress.

It’s important that we find ways to manage our stress on a day to day basis. There are a number of stress management techniques that you may already be aware of. Taking a walk or doing other forms of exercise is always beneficial.  Yoga and meditation are other favorites.

Traditional meditation is not for everyone.   Many find it difficult; it takes practice and patience to get to a place where your thoughts and inner chatter will eventually quiet down.  Many say that they cannot quiet their minds and give up before they ever get any benefits from meditation.  However, there are other alternatives like guided meditation and relaxation.

Two relaxation techniques that I came across that I personally like are Meditainment and Wild Divine. You may want to check out them out and see if they work for you.

You can experience a 3 minute free trial stress buster from Meditainment.  This is a relaxing experience with visuals and a calming voice and sounds that offers you a visual journey.  I find this is really helpful and refreshing especially when I am sat at my desk for long periods of time.  For me it really is a mental break and helps me feel refreshed and ready to resume my work. Meditainment also offers a variety of other options for rest and sleep, clarity and motivation etc.

Wild Divine is also a unique effective concept right on your computer screen. It’s a whole body relaxation training program that reduces stress and anxiety.  It’s an inner-active program using the science of bio feedback. You can see the results reflecting the state of your mind and body on your screen.  Wild divine uses state of the art technology and beautiful visuals.

Expert guides like Deepak Chopra, Dean Ornish, and Andrew Weil will help guide you to deeper and slower breathing as they walk you through guided inspirational journey. This program offers bio feedback hardware that connects directly to your computer.  This allows you to see the changes that are occurring as you become more skilled in the various exercises the program offers.
Both Meditainment and Wild Divine are very unique ways to get you started on your journey to well being and having effective ways to deal with stress.

Reduce your stress and live a more balanced happier life

Shirley Price

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