Simple Safe Tips To A Great Barbeque

Barbequing has been a very popular way to cook and entertain friends and family for many years. It’s been especially popular in North America and Australia.  Many love to BBQ year round, but once the warmer weather comes you can often smell the outdoor cooking around the neighbourhoods.

Over the past few years it has been interesting to see that barbequing has gained so much popularity in other places such as the UK. Many Brits are embracing backyard barbequing. With more of us travelling to other countries these days and experiencing and enjoying many of the traditions of other cultures, it’s not surprising that we would want to take some of their ideas back home with us.My brother has become a Barbequing Brit. He just loves to BBQ whenever he has the opportunity. From my experience during my visits, it appears that the same general BBQ rules apply there as it does here in North America.   It tends to be the man of the house that takes charge when it comes to the barbeque utensils.
As long as there isn’t too much clean up to do afterwards, like most spouses, my sister-in-law is delighted to have it that way. She’s an excellent cook, but likes to do her cooking in the kitchen.  At least when my brother does the outdoor cooking, it’s a great opportunity for her to take a break from cooking and have a meal prepared for her.
So what makes a great BBQ?  Of course the company, food, and entertainment will make or break a BBQ.  it’s also better when you have a good Barbeque. The enjoyment of the BBQ is one thing, but no-one wants to be responsible for anyone getting sick later.

Here are Some Tips to a Safe aBarbeque:
1. Avoid cross contamination of the food by keeping the raw meat totally separate from all the other products.
2. When shopping be sure that you refrigerate your perishable foods as soon as you get home. Don’t keep them out for more than 2 hours.  If you are doing a big shop leave picking up the cold foods until last thing.
3. If you are pre-buying foods for your BBQ and won’t be cooking them for another 2 or 3 days or so you will need to, put already frozen food into the freezer right away, also fresh poultry and ground beef should also go into the freezer until ready to use. Remember to thaw before cooking.
4. If you are not barbequing at home and taking your food to a lake, beach or park you will need coolers packed with ice. We find it’s useful to have a cooler for your drinks and one for food. Find a shady spot to keep the coolers out of the sun as much as possible.  Remember to keep your veggies, salads, and fruit in separate bags or containers.
5. Make sure that you thoroughly clean your utensils, do not use the same utensils for cooked and raw meats, the same rule applies to plates do not use the same plate for cooked and raw meats.
6. Properly thaw your meats before cooking and make sure they are cooked properly. Use a thermometer. Keep in mind that often meat is uneven and will cook quicker in one part to another. Check the thickest part of the meat to make sure it is properly cooked. When it is cooked keep it hot by keeping it on the side of the grill, you can wrap it in some foil until you are ready to eat.
7. Don’t keep any left over’s, throw them out.  Don’t take chances!
Add some nice refreshing drinks, good conversation and a little background music or a few games like Bocce Ball, or volley ball and you have a perfect Barbeque. If you are Barbequing at home add some outdoor lights they make so much difference to the overall ambiance.

Wishing you Happy, Safe Barbequing.

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