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When you discover something new that you really like, it suddenly becomes a part of your routine. You might even get addicted to it and it can consume the bulk of your time. It is like a newly found habit that is hard to break.

Learn to play the guitar at any age

No matter if you are in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or are among the 50 plus age group, there should be no boundaries to learning new things as it makes life more dynamic and meaningful, not routinely boring. As knowledge can come in all forms you will never run out of sources to acquiring a new skill or two. The potential for you in learning how to play any instrument is simply unlimited.

The guitar is perhaps the most popular instrument in our modern era, and there are so many ways that can be used in obtain this skill. Some more mature individuals refuse to learn anything new and only stick with what they already know or have tried in past years. Some even base their beliefs on the old adage of, “Old dogs can’t learn new tricks”. I just want to respond to that by saying “That’s a load of Bull”!  It’s totally untrue and also self-demeaning if someone really believes that. First of all, being young does not guarantee a quick learner.  Age is not a factor to be considered in learning something up-to-the-minute.

Just get started

Just as it is with learning any new skill, starting to learn how to play a guitar or any instrument can be really frustrating. Right from the beginning of the learning process you need be able to admit to yourself wholeheartedly that you will need all kinds of guidance to learn this new skill properly. From various audio-visual materials, learning books and manuals, a personal teacher, and even online tutorials – all of them can guide you to maximize your learning potential. The best way to begin learning is to accept that you are a beginner. From then on, you are on your way towards understanding and even mastery of the craft.

Guitar Learning System

If you want it enough you can have it

To feel awkward and uncomfortable at the beginning of your learning is almost guaranteed, and expected. In order to not become overwhelmed take frequent breaks as needed. Let your hands get used to playing the guitar. Keep in mind that learning is not a one-day process. You may study the concepts but it takes time to apply them. Later on, as you gain endurance in playing the strings for longer periods of time and enjoy the pleasure that it brings.

Be patient with yourself

Doing the more complicated guitar playing can be done later in the learning process. The key is patience.  A newbie guitar player mentioned to me that he got frustrated after practicing the guitar for almost three months. When I asked him why, he responded that he was ticked off after failing to play jazz dominant chords (which are a complex set of chords). You should always start with the basics and learn them well. The fundamentals are actually the most important thing to learn initially. Then the rest will follow later.

It will never be advantageous if you by-pass a stage or disregard some basic notes. It is also wise to seek an expert’s advice about the best instrument for you. Learning styles vary from person to person. So the materials you should have to learn from should be based upon your specific individual needs.

The right attitude will get you there

To bring home the point, age has definitely nothing to do with discovering and learning new skills. Remember that perseverance, the right attitude, and a bit of humour will go a long way in learning how to master something new.  Good luck and enjoy strumming!

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