Life Over 50 The Upside And Downside

Life over 50 can be some of your best years.  Sometimes it just depends where you are, nearer 50 or 30 years beyond turning 50.  At 50 many people have aged well, they are taking better care of themselves than they ever have., and are more financially secure than they have ever been. They have had time to cultivate their career and many have reached the top of the ladder in their industry. Confidence comes with success to so many 50 years old and over are much more confident and self assured.

We all know people that look better in their 50s than they did in their 30s. They have grown into themselves, they are more relaxed they don’t sweat the small stuff so much, when it comes to their appearance they know what they like, what suits them and what they feel comfortable in.

We only have to look at some of the celebrities that have been around for a number of years to see how good it is possible to look and feel when you make the effort. There are a number of beautiful women over 60 never mind over 50. What a great achievement for Helen Mirren who was recently voted best body of the year at 67 years old. She certainly does look amazing and a great motivator for the life over 50 generation, it’s a reminder that it’s possible to look fabulous over 50. I don’t think she set out to win this type of recognition at this age but it’s wonderful to see that others have chosen her even over some celebrities years younger.

There’s many other celebrities that look amazing consider Madona and Sharon Stone both 53, Olivia Newton John 63, Jaclyn Smith 64, Suzanne Sommers 65, Susan Saranden and Susan Lucci both age 66, and  Raquel Welch 71, the list could go on you can’t deny that these women still look fantastic. It’s not just the women either there are some sexy, good looking senior men out there too.  Some of my favorites that are living life over 50 are George Clooney, Antonio Banderas, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth you can’t deny that the big 50 looks great on these guys. Simon Cowell  51, Andy Garcia 55, Denzel Washington 56, Richard Geere 61, and Robert Redford 74 and there are a lot more that could join this list.

I know what you are thinking, but these people are celebrities, they can afford personal trainers, treatments, plastic surgery etc, but they still have to put in their own effort too. No one can do it all for you no matter how much money you have. We have seen that even with celebrities, some of the richest people in the world struggle with weight and other issues.

There are lots of everyday people living their life over 50 that can and do have treatments and personal trainers too.  There are lots of non celebrities in the over 50s group that are fabulous. When you are healthy, fit and active, looking and feeling great and enjoying your life, age really doesn’t matter.

Life over 50 brings a time of kids leaving home which may give you a bit more freedom to travel and do things for yourself. You may become a grandparent over 50 which can be a great experience but at the same time some grandparents end up spending a lot of their time taking care of their grandkids rather than living their new found freedom after years of child rearing themselves. Many of us have done this if only for a while but remember that it’s not selfish to do things for yourself you know.

Celebrities or not there is also the downside of life over 50. Our bodies are aging we may become more prone to health issues including some that limit our ability to be active like arthritis, osteoporosis, and other join paint. We do start to slow down; things become a bit more of an effort.  There’s are a number of things we can cover to an extent such as wrinkles, and grey hair although grey hair looks great on some people with a good hair cut that suits them. And there is a lot we can do to help our skin such as red light therapy . Eye sight changes but even that can be improved with lasers and contact lenses and great eye wear. One of the things we really need to pay attention to is our mind. Issues around memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s could be waiting to pounce so you have to pay close attention to symptoms and keep your brain active with hobbies and learning new things.

We also get more loss in our lives when we are over 50 as parents, friends and relatives age and pass away. Life over 50 brings a number of age related issues including hormonal changes, maybe dealing with issues around aging parents, finding the right place to live during your retirement years. Maybe you will have to learn to live on less income, wanting to do so much but not always able to.

There are many variations of life over 50 depending on your personal circumstances that is why it is so important to leap at opportunities to do the things that you want to do while you are able. We have a habit of putting things off and saying one day I will but things change and sometimes that one day never happens.

Take the opportunities don’t say I wish I had done this or that when I had a chance or when I had my health.

Life over 50 can be great for many years to come so don’t wait – just live it!

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