Maintain A Healthy Mind

Keep your brain exercised

 Nothing is more attractive than being able to maintain vitality through the years. In itself, it is a major achievement on your part. As our age increases, so does the number of health concerns. The aging process is inevitable and we all know the obvious. However, there should be no reason and excuse not to attempt to maintain fitness and enjoy our over 50s the way we should.

Talking about a healthy mind, there are several brain disorders that we want to avoid like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, among others. The risk for having these illnesses increases with age. My intention is neither scaring you with the names of diseases nor the chances of having them. I am only emphasizing that there are diseases that must be avoided.

There are diseases that involve certain risk groups; some affect children and the others adults. So putting it in a general perspective, we simply have to retain our health to the best of our ability.Keeping a healthy fit brain as we age will make all the difference to the amount of independence that we will maintain later on. Just consider driving, it often becomes an issue for many families as their parents age. they don’t want to lose their independence and often take risks both to themselves and others. There are ways to keep your mind more alert longer.

Health maintenance should not be viewed as a burden for us to carry but as a habit to get acquainted with. Here are some brain boosters that you can do to achieve and keep up a healthy mind:• Pump up your brain and body – Walk or Jog for about 30 minutes to an hour and or go to the gym three to five times in a week. Doing physical work-outs can cause an immediate anti-depressant effect in the body, improving your mood and outlook throughout your day. Engage yourself in activities that require thinking and analysis. Scrabble, crosswords and chess are some of the games that stimulate your brain to work double-time and improve its functionality.

• Eat Omega-3 rich foods – Omega-3 is a nutrient that enhances memory and brain function, and has been proven to lower the risk of having brain diseases, particularly Alzheimer’s.  Salmon is found to be one of the richest sources of Omega-3. Though it may be a little costly, I guarantee it is all worth the cost when it comes to your health.

• STOP smoking – I hope you take my words seriously. When I say stop, I do not mean you only cut down. I really mean stop. Many individuals are only minimizing their smoking but still it will not make the difference that stopping smoking will make. Smoking constricts the blood vessels and lowers the blood supply to various body parts like the brain, which leads to poor memory and function. This is the reason why smokers generally tend to have a poorer memory than non-smokers.

• Consume alcohol with care – Binging on alcohol is a no-no but drinking the correct quantity may be beneficial for example it is thought that a small amount of red wine a day can relax the brain without intoxicating it.

• Internalize optimism –Viewing life in a positive manor and growing through the years with a constructive approach avoids depression among us adults. So if problems arise, you can tell yourself that everything happens for a reason and things will get better, adversity will usually bring some form of positive results later on, especially to your brain!

• Learn something new – Keep yourself learning new things all the time. Language is a very interesting subject to study as bilingualism (or learning a new language like Spanish aside from your main tongue) decreases the risk of having memory-related diseases.

• Seek help and advice if needed – You don’t have to carry all the problems of the world.  Don’t have unrealistic expectations that you should be able to solve your problems or dilemma instantly. Merely verbalizing your feelings to someone else, whether to a friend or a family member or a health professional, relieves anxiety and emotional tension. So a good companion or friend who will simply and sincerely listen to you can contribute to maintain your healthy mind.

From a being in good physical shape to having a sound mind, there are various ways to sustain good all around health. As I have said, it should not be a burdensome task to do it since we are responsible on our own health, regardless of age. If not yourself, who else will benefit from a vigorous body and a sound mind anyway? Live a fit lifestyle and take pleasure in what life over 50 can truly offer!


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