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Changing Retirement Plans

When the economy forces retirement life plans to change

senior couple sitting on benchWith the constant changes in the economy many are forced to changing their retirement plans. The past years brought about a lot of hardship for a lot of people. Many lost pensions, investments, homes and their jobs. Many seniors are forced to work much longer than they ever intended.  Some are finding they have to postpone or trim back on the life they hoped for in retirement. It’s always wise to start planning for your retirement at an early age, but when people are already struggling to make ends meet it’s not always possible. But do what you can as soon as you can to prepare for the future because it comes around pretty fast whether your ready for it or not.

Living life in reverse

It’s almost like we live life backwards.  I think some young people have the right idea. Some will say it’s irresponsible, but is it? They’ve chosen to live life in reverse and live fully while they are young enough to experience it. They are willing to forgo the student loans, the so called security of a house, car and all the trappings in favor of living in countries where the cost of living is lower, where they can actually enjoy what life has to offer. Some travel around living as inexpensively as possible finding work as they go in order to support themselves. Many are following their passion by doing so many things, experiences that most of us are waiting for the right time for.  Often though that right times never does come, so we actually never get to do things we want. For most of us when we’re young enough to enjoy many activities and travel we just never seem to have the time or the money. There are those seniors that had decent careers and incomes that were able to have a decent pension, investments, or save adequate funds for their later years.  However, when they reach retirement age with both the time and the money, their desire to go traveling or to try new things is greatly diminished or totally gone.  Some are just no longer healthy enough or fit enough to enjoy it.

Travel and do things before you get too old

Travel has become more stressful than ever, especially flying. Going through airports these days is a nightmare most of the time. There are many seniors that one day just decide that they don’t want to travel far any longer.  It all becomes too much of an effort and can be hard work when you get older. So if there are activities that you want to participate in, new things you want to try, do them while you are able. There is no denying that finances can play a big part in what you are able to do, but as you reach your senior years don’t let finances be an excuse to keep you from doing the things that are possible. Finding new things to do could include, discovering ways to make some extra income to support some of the things that you want to do.

Thinking of retirement over 50

If you are already retired, or planning to retire soon you will probably be thinking about retirement differently than someone in their 50s who is still working with a family to support. Even so, for parents in their 50s you’ll probably find that your nest will be empty before you know it, so you still need to think about you, your life and future.  There are times in your life when you are more able to do and enjoy some things more than others. Once plagued with arthritis, bad knees or hips or other debilitating conditions, life changes. You cannot and should not put everything off until tomorrow. Live Now!

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