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Staying Young At Heart

I was talking to someone a few years ago and we were discussing our childhood.  We remembered the games we played, things our parents told us, and people we knew.  Of course we laughed as we reminisced and shed a tear as we missed loved ones who had passed away. We also talked about how […]

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What Happy People Know That Others Don’t

All of us have known a few people that just seem to always be smiling. They even have laugh wrinkles to prove it. These are the same few people that we’re happy to run into from time to time. They’re just encouraging and uplifting and we always feel better having had seen them. We’ve also […]

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A Positive Mind through Osmosis

So what in the world is “osmosis”?  If you think back to all those years you spent in Science class, you may remember that one of the definitions of osmosis is “the gradual, often unconscious, absorption of knowledge or ideas through continual exposure rather than deliberate learning”, as the Encarta Dictionary states it. Basically, what […]

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Simple Safe Tips To A Great Barbeque

Barbequing has been a very popular way to cook and entertain friends and family for many years. It’s been especially popular in North America and Australia.  Many love to BBQ year round, but once the warmer weather comes you can often smell the outdoor cooking around the neighbourhoods. Over the past few years it has […]

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