What Happy People Know That Others Don’t

By Debe Lange
By Debe Lange

All of us have known a few people that just seem to always be smiling. They even have laugh wrinkles to prove it. These are the same few people that we’re happy to run into from time to time. They’re just encouraging and uplifting and we always feel better having had seen them.

We’ve also known people who we just don’t want to bump into. They’re the ones who we don’t dare ask, “How are you?” When we do, they immediately tell you about their aches and pains, their last visit to the doctor, their hospital stay after surgery, the problems they’re having with their family or at work, and all about how their car broke down for the umpteenth time. It just seems that there’s never anything positive happening in their life. In fact, we often walk away feeling worse than when we first saw them.

Why is it that some have everything going right in their life and others only have the negative? Or do they? When you think about it, no one has all of one and none of the other in their life. There is always a combination of both good and bad. So, what’s the difference between the happy person and the disgruntled one?

Is it where they live, their career position, their health, family, friends, or finances? If it were, we wouldn’t constantly see celebrities who have plenty of money, fame, and attention being hauled off to jail, overdosing on drugs, or drinking themselves into oblivion. The fact is; it’s none of those things.It’s just a simple choice. Each of us chooses how we wake up to greet the day. When rays of sunlight begin to peak through our bedroom window, we can either say to ourselves, “Another day; another joy”! Or, like so many others do, “Ugh!”

I’ve seen people disabled for life and in wheelchairs that are so thankful for being alive their face just beams with excitement. You can’t help enjoying the company of people like that! On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve all seen the headlines about people who’ve had all the comforts that money can bring and still be so unhappy they attempt suicide.

So the question then is, “Which person are you choosing to be?” Are you the one that brings a smile to the face of others at the mere sight of your face, or are you the one that so many avoid because of your depressing attitude?

Whatever your circumstances, there is always … ALWAYS … someone who has it worse. Stop spending your time feeling sorry for your situation. Maybe you’ve lost your job and are having a hard time trying to make ends meet. Do you have a warm, dry house to stew in about it? Do you have any idea how many people would give everything they have to be in your shoes?

Happy people are happy no matter what their circumstances because they choose to look at their blessings instead of what they don’t have or can’t do. They’re contented and grateful … by choice. Of course each of us by our very human nature always seem to want more of something, but grumbling and complaining about every little insignificant thing won’t get it.

Let me leave you with this thought. One of the Rockefeller multi-millionaires was once asked, “How much money is enough?” His answer exposed his true heart. He responded, “Just a little bit more.”
Debe Lange

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