How Can Hobby Buildings Increase your Enjoyment?

By Brian A Schmidt
Guest Writer

Hobbies provide us with a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction. As we age that enjoyment grows because we have more quality time to devote to our passions.

So how could a specially designed hobby building increase that enjoyment?

First of all let me say that specially designed or custom designed does not have to mean expensive. All I am referring to is the fact that the building has features in it that are specific to your hobby or desires.

Whew… That makes it more enjoyable already.
Having a special place in which to work on your hobby will definitely make your pastime more enjoyable.

Just think. A place for everything and everything in its place. Well that’s the theory anyway. You would have features in your building that suit your particular hobby. Perhaps it’s a layout table or an assembly table. Maybe you require lots of cupboard storage space. Display shelving may be the requirement of your hobby.
No matter what the specific needs are, you can plan them into your custom hobby shop building.

All of these items would add a pleasurable experience to your hobby. But they are not the most important reasons for having a custom designed hobby building.

As we grow older we realize that we want more emphasis on our social needs. We want to meet with our friends and family more often if we can. After all we have more time to visit and to develop new friends.What better place to have visitors than the place where you feel most comfortable and where you can show your talents and expertise. Unless you are VERY unique it’s a safe bet that there are hundreds if not thousands of people in your area that have similar interests in a least one of your hobbies.

Your custom hobby building could be a great venue for impromptu discussions on your favorite topics. It could become a sort of drop-in centre for enthusiasts of your hobby. You could become the local king of your hobby!

But let’s get back to family for a minute. You no doubt learned a great deal from your parents. And you have also passed on some of that wisdom to your children.

But how much enjoyment would it be for you to have your grandchild come to learn all about your hobby. Perhaps you could teach them how to carve a totem. Or maybe your grandchild could make a quilt for their favorite doll. Your grandchild could come and visit and learn anytime they like because you have the ideal place for teaching them.

What satisfaction would it bring to you when they show off their first masterpieces? How much joy could it bring to watch as they explain to their parents (your children) just how they completed these masterpieces?

Family and friends are not everything as we grow older but they are certainly most important. Whatever type of hobby shop you choose to build make sure that you have included enough room for family and friends because you know that there are no strangers in life – only friends that we have not yet met.

Brian A Schmidt is author and publisher of He lives in a small community in Southwestern Ontario, Canada with his lovely wife Carol. Brian and Carol have three fantastic grown children and four wonderful small grandchildren (and a fifth on the way!). Brian was owner of a small construction company and construction manager for a few companies over the years gaining extensive experience in all sectors of the construction industry. These include pre-fab commercial metal buildings, industrial buildings, residential buildings agricultural and institutional building. Brian enjoys gardening, working in his wood and metal hobby workshop building and cruise vacationing.

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