Be Confident-You Can Do It

Everyone has talent or is gifted in one way or another.  We all have something that we enjoy doing and are good at. The problem is that we have tended to our families and all the responsibilities that go with that for so many years that we’ve lost the confidence we had in other areas of life.  When we’re no longer needed to meet the needs of our families in the same ways, we begin to think that our contribution and what we have to offer in the world isn’t of any value to anyone. We tie our self-worth to others and lose our own identity, at least in our own mind.  We simply forget who we really are.

Think back.  Who were you before the spouse and kids?  What were your plans for yourself?  Did you intend to go onto school, start a business, or were your goals even loftier than that?  Well, my dear over 50s friend, the interruption in your life has come to an end and it’s time to start anew.

Sit down and make a list of all the things you love doing as well as those that you’ve become better at through the years of experience you’ve now acquired.  Maybe you can’t play football any longer but you love the game.  Do you have any idea how many kids can’t play football because there isn’t anyone who is willing to coach a team?  There are lots of aspects to the game you may have never thought about like announcing or being a physical trainer.Do you love to sing and are gifted in it?  You don’t need a singing contract today, but you can call to find out who can help and what the cost will be.  While you’re collecting the funds and setting the dates, practice by singing lullabies to your grandchildren or in the church nursery.  Check the websites like Explore Talent and find where the jobs are.  Why not get paid to do what you love?

If music is your forte but you’ve only learned to play by ear without reading the music, what are you waiting for?  Combine your gift with reading music and begin composing your masterpiece.  You might be the next Mozart!

You may love to cook, but with a little emptier house the meals have gotten smaller.  You can still cook those grand meals and share them by visiting shut-ins who are unable to cook for themselves.  More often than not, they especially need those nutritious meals.  Yet, don’t stop there.  High quality restaurants are always seeking good cooks so introduce some of your original recipes to the owners.  It might become the next thing on their menu.

Maybe you enjoy art and even had professional classes before your life took a turn toward raising a family.  Paint or sculpt something!  Then, rather than hide it in the attic with the others you have hidden away, take it to a gallery or give it exposure to others online.  You just might be surprised at the interest it generates.

Have you always wanted to be a pediatrician to treat children?  Or maybe you wanted to be a veterinarian to help animals?  The only one holding you back is you.

The possibilities are endless from gardening to building miniature ships in a bottle.  Don’t waste another day.  You have a gift that needs to be tapped by you and appreciated by others, so put your shyness away and step out with confidence.  You CAN do it!

Debe Lange

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