Be Confident-You Can Do It

Everyone has talent or is gifted in one way or another.  We all have something that we enjoy doing and are good at. The problem is that we have tended to our families and all the responsibilities that go with that for so many years that we’ve lost the confidence we had in other areas […]

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Discover Your Creativity

Creativity is something everyone has to some degree or another. There is no one who has “zilch” amount of creativity so it’s not “if” you have creativity; it’s “what” your creative gift is. You may not be a painter on canvas, but you might be terrific with a paintbrush on the walls of your home. […]

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Staying Young At Heart

I was talking to someone a few years ago and we were discussing our childhood.  We remembered the games we played, things our parents told us, and people we knew.  Of course we laughed as we reminisced and shed a tear as we missed loved ones who had passed away. We also talked about how […]

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