Discover Your Creativity

By Debe Lange
By Debe Lange

Creativity is something everyone has to some degree or another. There is no one who has “zilch” amount of creativity so it’s not “if” you have creativity; it’s “what” your creative gift is. You may not be a painter on canvas, but you might be terrific with a paintbrush on the walls of your home. Do you play an instrument? Maybe not, but you may have the ability to write poetic lyrics and put them to music.

It could be that you’re talented when it comes to sewing, upholstering, carpentry, or engine repair. It might be that you’re one of those rare individuals who can create a terrific new dish in the kitchen without using a recipe. Do you enjoy scrapbooking, making jewelry, or crafting? It could be that you’re a great organizer and are the first person others think of when they need someone to efficiently get something done. Or maybe you have a natural rapport with kids or elderly folks. Are you the one who can bring a tear to an eye with the heartfelt words you put on paper? Do you have a special flair for how to capture feelings in photographs? Are animals naturally drawn to you when others can’t even get close? These are only some of the ways that people show their creativity every day. You see, its not that you aren’t a creative person. It’s just that you’ve not yet discovered what it is. Or maybe you already are aware of what you’re particularly good at, but have never exercised your creative gift.For whatever reason you haven’t, isn’t it about time you do? For example, if you enjoy woodworking and using your hands, why not buy a couple of birdhouse kits to begin. They’re very inexpensive, they come with directions and supplies, and they’re terrific additions to your backyard. Working in a garden is a wonderful way to use creativity. Adding a water garden or designing a flower bed and landscaping your yard doesn’t have to be expensive. There are dozens of unique ways to add a stone walkway, build a rock garden, or to use various flowers to design magnificent splashes of color to create whatever ambiance you’d like.

Maybe you already know but feel you need to brush up on your skills. You need some extra tuition and practice. Maybe you played piano when you were younger or some other instrument like the guitar or drums. The possibilities are endless! If you’re someone who hasn’t yet discovered what your creative gift is, you can easily determine that. Write a list of your favorite hobbies, interests, or things you most like to do. What you’ll find is that most of those things will have a common thread. Most may be a variance of ‘hands-on’ activities. They might be related to color, the outdoors, or maybe they will work best when interacting with people. Whatever characteristics they have will give you a good indication as to where your creative gift lies. Once you know that, pursue it. Use it. Don’t let it lie dormant when so many others can benefit from your very special creative ability. The most surprising thing of all will be the personal satisfaction you’ll gain from giving of yourself through using the natural and distinctive gift of creativity that can bring such joy to others.

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