Tips To Buying An RV

There is no doubt that Recreational Vehicle travel is very popular in North America, especially amongst those in the 50+ age bracket. One thing that the majority of RV travelers find rather hard to carry out is choosing the right RV for their travel. If you land on the wrong RV vehicle, then you travel could well turn into more of a nightmare.

Fortunately, I have unearthed tips that will help you choose the perfect RV vehicle. Go through the tips below if you want to select the best RV.
You will want to start with checking the seats since this is very vital. Make sure that you sit on the chairs and the couch to gauge their level of comfort. Are they Comfortable? Do the chairs have the comfortable head support you are looking for?

Also lie on the bed to make sure it’s comfortable. Does it merit owning? How about its capacity? Is it long enough to fit you wholly? Will your feet hang out? Can it carry an extra person in case the need arise?Verify that it has a seal issued by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). If it’s there, then you have all assurances that the vehicle was made in accordance with the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association set standards. And if the seal is missing, then don’t even bother to purchase that particular RV.

Make sure to inspect the cupboards to ensure that they are well put together. Verify that they are properly screwed, nailed or stapled. Find out whether they are fragile or solid and if they are deep enough to accommodate plates and you other needs. They may not be of the standard dimension so you will want to keep an eye on that aspect. Be sure to check out your options with experts in the industry like Camping World – RV & Camping Experts Since 1966.Check the inside walls try leaning against them so that you can decide on the plywood thickness that would best fit your needs.
After that, check on the available storage space. Carefully check to ascertain whether there is space for the extra items that you want to take along on your trips. It’s best to select an RV that can accommodate large items. Make sure that the storage space fits your needs.

An important mistake most travelers make whether intentionally or unintentionally is either not  reading the notice on the wardrobe door, or ignoring the advice. This notice shows you the carrying capacity of the RV. Make sure that you are conversant with the load capacity of that RV by reading and paying attention to the notice.

You will also want to discover more about the electrical outlets of that RV. Make sure they are located in the right places (places you like) and also note their number.

If you are a TV addict, then make sure that the RV is fitted with one. If not, then it should be easy for you to fit a portable one. It should be in such a position that you are comfortable while watching.

Another very important feature to watch for is to make sure that the door can close when seated on the toilet. It’s a good idea to try it out so that you avert any sort of embarrassment you were not expecting while traveling. Make sure you won’t hit your head on the cabinets while standing up. Check if it has a functional shower stall and does the shower stall have a place for soap, shampoo etc?

How about the heater vents? Is there one in the bathroom? Is it possible to adequately heat the rig? Note the vent locations and how many there are. It’s vital that you ascertain whether these things exist or not.
For cooking, make sure that there are enough stove top burners in place and that there is adequate space on the kitchen counter.

Lastly, be on the look out for things like insulation, air conditioning and an out-of-the-way spot where you can have a garbage can.
Hope you land on the right RV and Good Luck!

Michael Santos

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