Using Red light Therapy To Combat Aging Skin Problems

Aging has its many pitfalls, one of them being how soon our skin loses its elasticity and collagen causing sagging skin, lines and wrinkles.  We all dread losing the smooth toned skin that gave us that youthful appearance that we wish we could always hold on to.  It’s surprising just how early we do see those fine crease lines and faint wrinkles start to appear. As we look in the mirror (especially those awful 5X or 10X magnified mirrors) we are instantly reminded that time does not stand still and it’s taking its toll on our skin regardless of our wishes. This is one of the reasons that so many women are adding red light therapy treatment to their skin regimes in the hopes that they can reverse or at least delay the ravages of time showing on their faces.

Besides the normal aging process with the passing years we are also subject to many harsh chemicals and harmful toxins that play havoc with our skin adding insult to injury. Years ago products were more natural and kinder to the skin when less was more.  Although there is a trend to revert back to more organic natural foods and products a lot of damage has already been done leaving our skin in need of help.

Besides the lines, wrinkles and sagging that is unavoidable there are other skin problems that come with age such as acne, rosacea and more common than ever is sun damage, especially that done in our youth.  Those darn brown spots that appear on faces hands and anywhere they choose.  Light therapy has been around for many years and the benefits for skin was accidentally discovered a number of years ago by NASA researchers. Their findings showed that LED light emitting diodes stimulated growth at a cellular level in plant life and there have been many developments for the use of light therapy for humans from there.

Because of their findings more research has been done using this technology on humans with very positive results. It has been found that light therapy heals and minimizes scar tissue and is used on burn victims. It make sense that with LED showing to be so beneficial in the health and healing industry that red light therapy would also be a great tool for skin rejuvenation, skin care and problematic blemishes. Light therapy is used for SAD seasonal affective disorder, for those that have a particularly bad time feeling depressed during the darker winter days, especially prevalent in certain parts of the globe.

The benefits don’t stop there either red light treatment is used to aid sore muscles, joints and tissue too. Among the available light therapy devices for home use that is great for this type of treatment as well as skin care is the DPL light therapy system.  Because it is larger than many of the other home use light devices it covers a larger area and it is also hands free.  There are a number of devices that do give you the freedom of treating yourself with red light therapy at home when it’s convenient to you without the hassle of making and going for appointments and the additional costs of a professional clinic.

We have all hopefully heeded the warnings of suntan beds and booths and the damage it does to our sensitive skin. It’s interesting to see that many of those tanning salon owners are now converting their suntan beds to red light therapy beds so rather than damage the skin further the intention is to help rejuvenate the skin with the LED lights.

There are various color light therapies including blue light yellow light and combination light therapy treatment. Blue light therapy is advised for acne treatment as it kills the bacteria causing the acne. Red light therapy is most beneficial to those who are looking for anti aging properties.


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