Selecting your First Set of Golf Clubs

By Shirley Price
By Shirley Price

Choosing the right set of golf clubs is crucial to your enjoyment of golf.

You will be much more comfortable and confident if you have the ideal golf clubs for you on the course.

There are many types available, but you have to pick the one that suits your needs and also your personality. When you are a beginner if you get golf clubs that are too advanced for you, you will likely have problems. Like skiing, when you get your first skis you do not usually go straight out and purchase high performance skis. It could put you off skiing for life.

Selecting your first set of golf clubs
Selecting your first set of golf clubs.

If you don’t have someone to advise you when buying your golf clubs, remember that there is a difference between ladies golf clubs, Junior clubs and Men’s golf clubs. The length of the club shaft is really important.

New to Golf

If you are a new to golf you will be wise go for a beginner set of golf clubs.  You will need at least one driver, a putter, irons and a wedge. Some beginners find that having a club head that is over-sized is an advantage as it has a larger hitting area. On the course, you are allowed to carry fourteen clubs in your golf bag but you don’t need them all. Especially  if you are walking and carrying your bag you will want to lighten the load.

Know what you will need and when

It is important to know the functions and use of each of the individual clubs. Most people do not use all the irons, they find the ones they like best and use those most often. Personally, I found that a half set of irons worked great for me. There are a number of situations a golfer may need to use a particular club in order to achieve a good golf swing. If you learn all the applications of these particular clubs and in what situations you need them, you will likely be able to make the correct swing, perform various techniques, and get higher scores.If your ball is on the green you must use a putter. Putters are used for about 40{0eefa93492ed3ec1a557757200f06e244723d602df8d66f18c47536a9e40d3d0} of the shots of the whole course and that’s why your putter is very important. Having the right putter will help you to perform the task of getting the ball into the hole. Your experience may be a deciding factor when choosing a putter, so when buying one you should keep this in mind. Some feel that the putter is probably about the most important piece in your golf bag.

So much choice

With so much choice available many golfers end up with a selection of golf equipment that they have collected over time. However, when you are just beginning, it is unlikely that you will want to buy more than one putter. As you become more experienced you will probably want to try out different putters too.  There’s usually something that will ‘stand out’ and give you the right feeling when you find it.

Which putter for you?

The basic putters can be of many types. The heads of the peripherally weighted putters are symmetrical on both sides of the shaft; these putters are good for balance. If you are an intermediate level golfer, then you will probably like the blade putters, these require more skills and are precise. For long and power shots, the mallet-headed putters are perfect, since they are heavy and bulky; also offering a stronger grip for you. The most accurate putter’s are the center-shafted because of their well aligned shape.

The long shot

When you need to make a long shot, you have to use the drivers. Keep in mind that the most expensive equipment for golfing is the driver. This means that you have to spend your money on the right one.

Basically there are the club or woods as some call them. These are used to drive off from the tee, once you have done that you use the irons to take you up to the green. The irons each have their special purpose of distance and lifts. On the way to the green if you hit the ball into a sand bunker you will need a wedge to get it out of there.  Once the ball is on green it’s time for your putter.

Getting your first set of golf clubs is a great feeling.

When you find the right set for you there is no doubt that you will enjoy the game way more than if you are using rentals or borrowing someone else’s clubs. Use these tips and you will be all set to play your first game of golf and your confidence will grow and show! If you are a petite lady or if your have a daughter granddaughter that is ready to get into golf then you should consider girls golf clubs they are easier to use and will not intimidate a beginner.

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