Experience Greece: The Cradle of Western Civilization

Beauty and Culture combined

Exerience the beauty of Greece
Experience the beauty of Greece

When we think of Greece most of us will visualize the whitewashed houses and the domed Churches framed by the deep blue Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop. Greece is a cosmopolitan destination where the visitors are predominantly from the UK and other parts of Europe. This is the type of destination that visitors from other parts of the world may decide to do as a part of a European Tour maybe when they retire,when they have a bit more time to really enjoy.

Many of us will have been enthralled with the beauty of Greece from movies such as Mama-Mia and The sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Santorini has probably the most famous images and a must to visit on anyone’s list that plans to visit Greece.

Much has been written about Greece’s marvelous diverse and robust invention that has become today’s Grecian society, and yet millions of people have not had the chance to explore this mythic  isthmus; well thought-out to be the cradle of Western civilization and the present democratic system.

At first, a journey to Greece may seem like an experience that will be greeted by distinct standing relics of ancient Greece without anything

Visit the beautiful Greek Islands
Visit the beautiful Greek Islands

modern to write home about. If you explore the current Grecian society, you will be mesmerized by the expansive urban conurbation of today’s Grecian Cities and yet the major historic attractions remain entrenched in the modern day fray and cultural fine distinctions of a tumultuous history are written between the walls and the dazzling “azure” Aegean Sea.

Greece’s history dates as far back as far as 6000 B.C, when the earliest traces of a city-state were recognized. This was during the Neolithic Period dominated by the Minoan and Mycenaean Kingdoms. Later tales were the Dorian invasions and the Dark Ages. It’s a widely accepted notion that Greece enjoyed its most successful and renowned Classical and Hellenistic Periods between 500 and 146 B.C. This is the period when Plato, Socrates and Democracy flourished and the Parthenon and Acropolis were erected in Athens. This was followed by the Roman takeover as it appears in the intermediary art and structural design, together with the combination of mythologies.

The Turks and Byzantines overrun Greece during the contemporary period and a cultural resurgence and War of Independence in 1821 paved way for the reunification and admiration of Greek culture. Fortunately, the Greek culture still thrives to date.
Land attractions in Greece

Not counting a key attraction like the Parthenon, Greece is endowed with a superfluity of extra sites and wonders distinctive to Greece’s cultural tradition. If you want to get a sacred experience, the northern Thessaly town of Meteora (located in the northern region) offers a wonderful spiritual experience. Make your way to the cliff-top monasteries by mountaineering the fixed stone stairs. Another popular way of reaching the enormous heights is through rock climbing, becoming a rather popular sport nowadays

A visit to the archaeological wonder at Delphi will leave you overwhelmed with the cultural richness of Greece. The earliest Greeks claimed this was the middle of the known world. You will also be enthralled by Nafplio, Greece’s ex-capital. Within spitting distance are the primeval Mycenae civilization and the famed theatre found in Epidaurus.

Sea Attractions in Greece

Almost 1400 Greek islands await your exploration. A great deal of Grecian history can be traced in the sea and business centers of the seven land mass clusters. The Odyssey and Homer’s Iliad traverse coastlines and ports that you can take a trip to. The most thronged islands are Crete and Santorini. Experience wild parties at the iniquitous island of Mykonos and don’t forget to make a stopover at the Ionian Islands, with lush vegetation and white sands. All island regions have something rather exceptional and fascinating to offer, so don’t leave out this element of your tour of discovery!

Greece is satiated with a rich history and way of life. All areas of this ancient nation are rich with unique adventures. A tour of Greece is not only a voyage of the past, but one of modernity and development. Become familiar with the reincarnation of the foundations of the democracy in Greece!

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By Joe Odur

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