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Is The Medicus Golf Swing Trainer For You?

Medicus Dual Hinge Driver

There is little doubt that the medicus trainer can significantly help you improve your golf swing and get rid of a slice. While there are a number of golf swing devices that claim to lower your score  finding the right one for you is key.  As with any product not one size fits all so you need to check out the medicus dual hinge driver in order to  find out if this is in fact the  right swing trainer to best fit your needs.

Many users rave about the Medicus dual hinge driver and there are others that are a bit more sceptical of the claims that the  Medicus driver is  the best swing trainer and the best selling golf training aid ever.You may be interested to know that because Medicus  wanted to affirm their claims while Taykor Made is not agreeing to endorse the medicus dual hinge driver they did agree to perform testing on it at their Taylor Made performance Lab.  From a test group of 20 golfers after using the medicus club within 15-20 minutes 3/4 of the group improved their swing speed with 1/3 of them gaining considerable speed. Some improved their consistency and accuracy while one of the test group commented that they found the 15 minutes they spent with the medicus driver as probably the most productive practice time they ever spent.  This particular lab  offers the worlds most sophisticated measuring and fitting system so I think it would be safe to say that Medicus is really serious about their product and reputation.

Whether you are a new golfer  and enjoying the benefits of  golf for the first time, or  you are  in your 50s or older medicus can be a part of your golf education as they are committed to  assisting golfers of all ages to master the basics. And regardless of how long you’ve been playing most golfers will admit that there is always room for improvement when it comes to their golf game.

Golf is one of the most popular activities that people young and old take up and it is not surprising because it has so many great benefits. You can get outside for fresh air and exercise, have some social time with friends, it gives you something to look forward to,  It’s a great way to forget your problems as you play the course or have lunch with friends in the club house. It’s  time to enjoy some relaxation and hone your golfing skills. Golfers of all skill levels  that are looking to improve their golf swing and their game can do it with a golf swing trainer like the Medicus Dual Hinge Driver.

If you are one of those that want to cultivate your golf swing and lower your score you should get to know about this great training tools that can help you to achieve this without having to spend tons of money on professional trainers.

The Medicus dual hinge driver is specifically designed to help people detect where problems are in their golf swing. This unique technology is one of the best training tools out there for the game of golf. The way it works is this driver will break when it finds a problem at any one of nine different breakpoints within your swing. Many golf pros have chosen The Medicus dual hinge driver as the worlds #1 swing trainer club. And it’s the best selling golf swing training aid ever. With over half a million amateur golfers and thousands of professionals using it, the medicus trainer has a lot of credibility. The genius about this dual hinged golf driver is that it has two hinges – one, which is for the back swing, and another for your downswing, so you will know exactly where your swing is going awry.

This Medicus golf driver is able to detect problems in your swing, including your rhythm and timing. It is easily adjustable for each golfer, so you will get a personalized training tool session each time you use it. The great thing is; this will give you more information about your swing than you’ve likely had in all the time you’ve been golfing.

Once you get a feel for your problem points, you will be able to train your muscles to know where your good swing lies. This will give you a consistency in your swing, and a confidence you’ve never had before; each time you step up to the tee box. If you think that the Medicus Dual hinge driver sounds like the right training club for you then it may be one of the best investments you will make for your golf game.

You will gain a smooth, accurate swing that you’ll be able to rely on each time you go to drive the ball. Your golf scores will improve, your enjoyment of the game will be enhanced, and all for a relatively small investment of money and time.

As well as giving you instant feedback the Medicus Trainer is also endorsed by top instructors and pro golfers, such as Mark O’Meara, Bruce Fiescher, Jack Lumpkin, Camilo Villegas, and Tiger Woods’ swing coach Hank Haney. The medicus dual hinge driver is a great training aid for golfers at any level, as it gives you that instant feedback on your golf swing.

This medicus driver can help you to detect where the flaws in your golf swing are and help you eliminate those frustrating slices and hooks. Over 1 million units of this patented technology have been sold which is proof of the Medicus trainer’s popularity. The medicus dual hinge driver comes with a free bonus putter trainer to help you putt like a pro by helping you putt with your shoulders; you also get 2 excellent teaching DVD’s.

If you’re over 50 or you’re in your teens, whether you are a new or experienced golfer, the Medicus dual hinged driver could help you get the most out of your golf game. It also makes a great gift for anyone that that is starting out at golf or could use a little help in improving their swing.

This medicus training driver can give you better power and accuracy every time you go out to hit the ball. If it’s the right one for you it’s a great investment when you compare the cost of taking lessons from a pro-golfer and its effectiveness will last you much longer than just taking a few lessons.

Both the Medicus club and hinged irons are very popular golf swing training aids. They will give you a way to train new muscle memory, and provide you with instant feedback anytime you want it, and as often as you wish.  You will know immediately each time when your swing is flawed. You’ll also know when you’ve mastered it as you’ll be swinging in temp and on plane.

There’s nothing more frustrating than being inconsistent with your golf swing.  Learning to find that consistent accuracy by taking the proper swing each time will improve your score and your enjoyment of the game. Could you uncover the ace golfer in you with the medicus dual hinge driver? This is deemed an excellent and effective golf training aid!

Not only do you get the medicus dual hinge driver you get some free gifts of  a medicus putter trainer that temporarily attaches to your regular putter this helps you put like a pro. you also get a Drive Like A Pro DVD  with Mark O’Meara plus a Top Tips from Top Pros DVD – introduction to stack and tilt DVD – Swing like a Pro drills DVD – 10 Minutes to Tremendous Power Ebook packed with golf related  lessons and exercises.  You also get free shipping & handling  and a  100{0eefa93492ed3ec1a557757200f06e244723d602df8d66f18c47536a9e40d3d0} money back guarantee.  Believe it or not you get to keep the freebies valued at around $150  even if you decide not to keep the Medicus -Dual Hinge 460ccDriver.

These are some user comments about the Medicus Dual Hinge Driver:

M.V. This review is from: Medicus Dual Hinge 260cc Driver Right Handed with Free Putter Trainer (Misc.)
I bought this product because I am new to golf and I was looking to improve so I wouldn’t be horribly embarrassed when I played with my father in law, I liked this product because I could practice at home so when I went to the range I mostly looked like I knew what I was doing. It was easy to use and the concept was easy to grasp. I didn’t play much prior to using this but I felt like it definitely helped me work on my golf game for the better, especially better than trying to practice on my own. The putter trainer worked great too, although its hard to know how much I improved since I started using this right off the bat but my father in law doesn’t know that I’ve never really played before so thats something!

J.  Useful Golf Swing Aid
It works in my garage – helps me focus on a full body swing and helps me de-emphasize the ball-striking impulse and arms only swings.

O.D. I have used the medicus off and on for years. I find that when I get into trouble and can’t hit my irons right, practicing with the medicus greatly improves my swing. I have also given them as gifts to family members who golf.
I wouldn’t take the time to type this review if I honestly didn’t believe in this product.

W.  If you can’t swing this club you’ll never be good at golf. instantly know what you doing wrong and your able to correct it, Need the driver next.

Pros: It’s great for using in your backyard. It’s a great swing trainer that has lowered my score. My backswing improved greatly.
Cons: Don’t overuse it. Use it as a practice club a few times a week and only for a short time.

Pros: It’s easy to use you can’t help but improve your golf game.
Cons: It’s a bit difficult to get used to starting off but once you are used to the Medicus club it’s great.

Pros: I was skeptical at first but bought it anyway. I highly recommend is especially to correct swing plane. The instructional DVD will tell you what to look for so it’s really important to follow the instructions.
Cons: To me the club is a bit heavier than a normal club.

Pros: Excellent for improving the mechanics of your swing. Focuses on the two most common problems swing plane and tempo.
Cons: if you have a natural quick tempo the club will most likely break.

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Written By Jason Black

I  hope that this review of the Medicus Dual Hinge Driver has been helpful!

Jason Black

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