Fit Over 50

   Discover your own fountain of youth When people think of fitness, they automatically think of exercise, and of course, that is an important part of maintaining one’s health, but it isn’t the only thing that matters. Taking care of yourself is hands down the best fountain of youth that we know of. Don’t take […]

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Retirement Living

Are you ready to enjoy your life after retirement? Lots of people love their jobs and are hesitant to leave them when they retire. Whereas, if we are in a job that we don’t like or in a stressful situation we are more than ready to leave. In reality when it’s time to retire most […]

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Clever Gifts for Golfers

Finding gifts with meaning for those you care about is not always an easy task. If you have a best friend or your spouse, or even a companion that is very much into golf,  knowing that  this is their main hobby, you would want to give them a great gift that they will appreciate and […]

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Medicus Dual Hinge Driver Review

  Is The Medicus Golf Swing Trainer For You? There is little doubt that the medicus trainer can significantly help you improve your golf swing and get rid of a slice. While there are a number of golf swing devices that claim to lower your score  finding the right one for you is key.  As […]

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Take Your Golf Game To The Next Level

Playing golf really does have a number of great advantages. It helps to you stay healthy and fit by keeping you active, allows you to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air.  Add some sunny weather, and your circle of golfing friends and you have a great combination. Golf is also a great stress release for […]

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