10 Hobbies for Your Retirement

The modern era of information and technology offers opportunities for parents to spend their kid’s inheritance without the guilt. There is even an acronym created for it. If the person is a skier, that means he spends the kid’s inheritance. There is also a term for people who do the SKI. They are baby boomers as they were born twenty years after World War II.

Today, baby boomers are at the height of retirement and spending the Kid’s Inheritance is synonymous to enjoying one’s retirement. To many of them, not even the global financial circumstance should stop them from engaging in fun activities after many years of toiling. In fact, some retirement activities can be financially rewarding. Whether it means spending your kids inheritance or just some of your savings here are 10 fun and sensible ways to spend invest your time in retirement.1. Gardening.  During the retirement years, investing on a garden of flowers, vegetables or fruit trees can be self-fulfilling and health enhancing while helping improve the earth. The plants can be grown for food, fiber, clothing or health purposes while flowers and other garden features like fountains can be for fun, relaxation and pleasure. Either way, gardening is something worthwhile.

2. Scrollsawing. It could start as a hobby and eventually be developed into a profitable business as one delights in scrolling several types of wooden items for souvenirs, presents, or invaluable items to sell at flea markets.

3. Intarsia. This is an art manifested on woods. They can be jigsaw puzzles or 3D art and there could be more. The art of intarsia can bring pride to the person as well as challenge and satisfaction. Above all, this can be a great source of income during retirement.

4. Fishing. Fishing is regarded as among the most recommended outdoor activities for people of all ages. There are many ways to go fishing. It can be done on one’s own charter boat or renting a boat at a nearby marina. The idea is to learn fishing the right way and to enjoy the activity. It is great in keeping the mind and body active.5. Photography. Digital photography is another great way to enjoy one’s time. It could also start as a hobby, which can lead to earning money as you open up your own studio in your place, while neighbors and friends become your first customers. It’s possible that your photos may even be sold to local magazine and newspaper publications or to small companies that print postcards and greeting cards.

6. Collecting and Selling Antiques. Antiques have become a collector’s prized catch especially the rare and historical ones. Investing in antique items can be mind-refreshing as people spend time to understand the history behind an object. As a matter of fact, it is the rich story behind it that often sells the item.

7. Genealogy. It is among today’s popular hobby as people unravel the mysteries that cover their ancestors and start knowing and building their family tree. It is a fun and interesting way to know who belongs to one’s family line.

8. Scrap booking. Another way of showing one’s creative side is creating books to capture memories. Photos, souvenir items and other objects are nice elements to convey the theme of the scrapbook. Examples of scrapbooks are about wedding, a soccer team or memorabilia.

9. Volunteer works. There are many organizations that need volunteers. Aside for fulfilling, being a volunteer can be sociable as the volunteers interact with the staff, members and constituents of the organizations. There are even options to choose from that fit the volunteer’s skills and interests.

10. Model Car. Some people have endless cravings for cars. Retirement is the best time to make the most of such interest as baby boomers spend undivided time to study, plan and build their personal car designs.

Contributed by Vanessa Tabor

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