Baby Boomers

Will You Have To Give Up On Your Retirement Dream?

With all of the economic doom and gloom that we are constantly exposed to how do you see your retirement years? Will you still be able to live your dream retirement or will you be one of the many that will be scraping by just to make ends meet? A number of years ago it […]

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You Over 50-60-70 and Beyond

What a difference a decade can make!  As we get older we tend to look more at our life in decades, we think about what our 40’s were like then our 50s, 60s and so on. Each decade brings new experiences and new challenges.  We think of things in more general terms as we age. […]

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How Baby Boomers Stay Fit

Nearly 25{0eefa93492ed3ec1a557757200f06e244723d602df8d66f18c47536a9e40d3d0} of all gym members are over the age of 55 according to the International Health, Raquet and Sports Club Association. This statistic represents a growing trend of members of the Baby Boomer generation seeking methods for maintaining their health and fitness levels throughout retirement. While many retirees from past generations have worked diligently […]

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Travel Tips For Baby Boomers On A Budget

Ways to find more affordable travel Baby Boomers are traveling like no other retirement generation. Not only is this group of individuals looking to travel domestically, but also abroad. And while many of these individuals have saved specifically for this purpose, others are looking to get the biggest bang for their bucks when it comes […]

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10 Hobbies for Your Retirement

The modern era of information and technology offers opportunities for parents to spend their kid’s inheritance without the guilt. There is even an acronym created for it. If the person is a skier, that means he spends the kid’s inheritance. There is also a term for people who do the SKI. They are baby boomers […]

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