What Concerns Women Over 50 Most

When you are young you never think what life will be like at age 50 – 60 or older.  It seems such a long way off that middle age and beyond  don’t even enter your head. And then suddenly one day you look in the mirror and here it is your 50th birthday or even maybe a 60th. The things we worry about change at different ages but most women over 50 find that they are facing real concerns that at one time were never even on their radar screen.

We don’t want to put a downer on living life over 50.  We want it to be a great and special time in life but we also have to be realistic and look at what is on the mind of many women over 50 that are one day hoping to retire.

There’s no one particular concern that fits all over 50s women.  There are numerous concerns depending upon your personal circumstances. Regardless of being single or married, financially secure or poor the one thing that most women over 50 do worry about is their health.  And for those that are not financially secure, they worry whether they will they have enough money to see them through.

Besides the prospect of ill health itself many women are stressed out  about the ever increasing bills, and worry if one day they could become one of the homeless statistics, which they fear could happen if they get sick and can’t pay their bills. There are genuine concerns that if something happened that prevented them from making an income they could end up living in their car.  It’s a fact that the older you get the greater the risk of health problems, so finding ways to get and stay healthy is essential

If you are a woman over 50 married to someone that is successful and financially independent you are going to have different concerns than a single woman that is struggling to make ends meet. I’ve heard women jokingly say that they can’t afford to get old because they just won’t have enough money to see them through to old age.  It’s sad to say that although this is said in a joking manner there is definitely some truth and fear behind their words

Some women will admit that what bothers them most about being over 50 is looking older and finding ways to look more youthful by investing in  anti aging products to improve skin and looks, this is a genuine concern for them.  Others have very different fears like how they can keep the roof over their head and food on the table. The faltering economy has many facing layoffs, and pension cuts putting a lot more women over 50 at risk.

Many of these women are wondering where will they live as they reach retirement age, and more to the point is where will they be able to afford to live? Some single women over 50 as well as couples with a spirit for adventure move to more affordable countries where whatever money they do have access to will go further, and give them a better lifestyle than they could possibly afford if they stay where they are.

Many Women over 50 have nothing in reserve for their retirement, they wonder if they will ever be able to afford to retire, especially women on their own. Those with a spouse usually fair better as most men have often made more money than a woman does while employed giving them larger pensions and social security checkes.

Thing can happen that drastically change your life and it becomes very different to how you imagined it would be.  But women over 50 are mostly resilient and a force to be reckoned with. When you see that things could change and circumstances could get tougher it’s a good idea to make adjustments sooner than later. It’s amazing what we can cut back on and manage without.  There are usually ways around most things. If you need to cut expenses you can always try to find someone compatible in the same situation as you to share your home or find a place.  .Maybe a few of you could get together and rent a house, share a car and find other ways to cut costs and make your money go further.  Try to go at it with a good attitude; if you fight everything and let it get you down you will be miserable and wear yourself out, plus no-one will want to be around you. You never know things could turn out much better than you could have ever hoped for.

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