Singles Over 50 Cruise and Vacation Tips

Few of us like traveling alone and yet there are so many single people today many of us have done so at some time. Considering the demographics and an ever increasing demand more over 50s and singles cruises and vacation options are available. If you’ve always had someone to travel with before and now  facing the prospect of going alone you may find it a daunting prospect . You probably have a lot of concerns too.  But these days you don’t have to go it alone and you can let someone else like the best singles travel agents do all the trip planning for you.

If this is all new to you once you see how many options there are you’ll discover that when it comes to taking a vacation you don’t have to do what you’ve always done in the past. With so many options open to you now it’s time to choose what type of vacation you want and what you actually enjoy doing while you are on vacation. You need to decide if the idea of a single’s cruise appeals to you more or a vacation on land. Do you want to vacation in a US destination or international? Will be a relaxing getaway or action packed adventure?

Two single friends of mine both in their 60’s recently took a short vacation. It was a 4 day cruise and then 4 days in one destination.  They didn’t actually choose a singles trip because they had each other for company but during this trip they did learn a lot about what they liked and didn’t like for future reference.

The cruise they took was with a cruise line which attracts an older group and it sounds as if this was certainly the case here. While they enjoyed it for the most part and met some really nice people one friend said she would have preferred more of a mixed group.  She also felt that she would prefer to take a cruise with more activities that catered to her personal interests.  This same friend is planning to go to Buenos Aries to take a tango workshop next year.  So even when you have a friend to go on vacation with you may have very different interests and may decide to chose a vacation specifically designed to meet your personal interests.

If you are thinking about going on a singles vacation in hopes of meeting that someone special don’t put too much emphasis on this.  The purpose of the vacation should be to have a good time and meet new people in your age group. It may just happen that you’ll meet Mr or Miss Right but don’t count on it. The fact is it seems to be that women usually outnumber the men in most things that are not sports related. Go with having a good time in mind whether it’s a singles cruise or other singles vacation then you probably won’t be disappointed.

There are as many different types of vacations as there are places to go so check out your options and give some thought as to what you would like to do. If you are an active type you may want to choose a vacation with lots of physical activity. If you are not that active you don’t want to be worrying if you will be able to keep up with everyone else, so know your limits and stay within them if you don’t want to spoil your holiday.

There are vacations where you can go on wine tours, cooking classes in various countries like Italy which are great for someone that wants to learn to cook and enjoy the culture and food of another country. There are painting holidays and yoga vacations, the arts and culture.  You just have to decide what type of vacation you actually want. Maybe you don’t want anything more than an opportunity to sit in the sun and relax by a pool or on a nice beach, or take a cruise that will give you all you need in good food, good company, entertainment and an opportunity to go to various ports of call if you choose to.

There are some on land trips that are available for the over 50s and active 60s. Keep in mind that you do need to be in relatively good health for many of these trips such as some of the Island hoping tours. When you go on vacation as a single person it gives you a great opportunity to meet others like yourself and make new friends.  Often the tour company will set it up so that you can share accommodation with someone compatible to help with keeping costs more affordable. When it comes down to it you can choose pretty much any type of vacation for singles and if you are over 50.  The main thing is to try something new and have a great time. Home Page



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